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New edition of Sucker for a Hot Rod

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod originally released with a brand new publisher called Astraea Press. Hard to believe it’s been that long already! Astraea Press has rebranded with the new name Today a new edition comes out with a sweet new cover. I was terrified of the editing process for the […]

New cover for Sucker for a Hot Rod

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod was released from CleanReads (formerly Astraea Press). To celebrate, it is being re-issued with a new cover. Check it out: Keep your eyes peeled for the new book, coming sometime in May or June!  

Exciting News!

Astraea Press is doing great things. Many of their backlist are being put into audio, including Sucker for a Hot Rod and Hauntings of the Heart. I’m so excited. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet. Have you? They are available at Audible and Amazon. Audible: Hauntings of the Heart Sucker for […]

Free Books!

To celebrate Astraea Press’s one year anniversary, they are giving away books! Today you can get Sucker for a Hot Rod free. For more information, visit Don’t forget to check back each day to get more fabulous books, absolutely FREE!

Holiday Sale!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!   Astraea Press is having a post-holiday sale.  Many books including Hauntings of the Heart and Sucker for a Hot Rod are only 99 cents.  They are also available on Amazon.   Happy Shopping!

Autumn Harvest: Fall Between the Pages Fall Blog Hop Tour

Hi!  My name is Minnieand I’m the owner of the Lilac Bower bed and breakfast. I’m so glad you stoppedby on the Autumn Harvest: Fall Between the Pages Fall Blog Hop. I’m honored to welcome you to Joselyn Vaughn’sblog.   First off, wehave plenty of attractive young men here. You don’t happen to be single, do […]

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Sucker for a Hot Rod is on sale this week for only a $2.99!  If you haven’t gotten your copy, you should pick it up. 🙂 Available at Amazon. Don’t forget to check out the other great books at Astraea Press.  There are some great deals out there.Http://, then click on Sale! Hope you have […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

He couldn’t wait to get Judi out of his garage and out of his truck. How was he supposed to concentrate when she hung around his garage with that swaying ponytail?Ponytails always revved his imagination. His fingers itched to tug the elastic out and watch her hair tumble down around her face.He had no idea what he had done […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

From Sucker for a Hot Rod: (Sweet contemporary romance) “You know her?” Judi asked.Bryce peered over his shoulder at the retreating waitress.Is he checking her out, Judi thought, or trying to remember? He’d probably recognize her more easily if he was looking at her face.“It’s a small town,” he said. “I come here a lot.”Sucker […]

Back from vacation

We’re back from vacation and trying to get our life sorted out.  Most everything is put away.  The laundry is washed, but there are eight baskets of it to put away. How did we go through so much clothes?  And I did laundry while we were on vacation. We took our usual trip to Nisswa, […]