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The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads

Welcome to The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer Reads! “There are lots of great prizes available. Go to to check them out. Today, there is a question about one of my books. If you get the answer right, you have a chance to win a PDF of Climbing Heartbreak Hill. (In order to play, you have to […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

Here is another snippet from my work in progress, Heartbreak Hill: “Let me help you with that.” She hurried over to the door and kicked the stopper down to hold it open while she relieved him off the fistful of paper. A quick scan of the parking lot told her Mark’s Suburban hadn’t entered the […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

Here is another snippet from my work in progress, Heartbreak Hill: Tara suspected Leslie wasn’t resting as much as she should given her May 1 due date, but she claimed she felt fine. Energized even. Until today, that is. “Tara!” Leslie called from the back room. Her voice held a frantic tone Leslie never used. […]

Sweet Saturday Sample

Here is another sample from Heartbreak Hill: Leslie’s steps wavered until she sank on to the cushion. “At least it comes and goes. Maybe I will lie down for a few minutes.” Tara watched as the color returned to her cheeks. She couldn’t be going into labor yet. She had more than a month to […]


Welcome to the Flirting with Love: It’s all about the Romance blog hop tour (Feb 24-26). Romance comes in a lot of forms. we probably first think of these: But romance is just as often: (I won’t comment on why I couldn’t find an actual photograph of the last two. LOL.) For a chance to […]

Romancing the Valentine Giveaway Hop

Thanks for hopping along on the Romancing the Valentine Giveaway Blog Hop List.  Ouch! Minnie, what are you doing? Minnie: I’m taking over this shindig. Joselyn: I’m worried. She’s rubbing her hands together. Minnie: Oh hush. I’m so much better at this anyway. You don’t even like Valentine’s Day. Joselyn: I suppose she is right. […]

Guest at JQ Rose’s Blog

I’m a guest today at Cupid Reads on J. Q. Rose’s blog. I am so excited to be a part of this. Hope you can join me there.