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Sweet Saturday Samples

He couldn’t wait to get Judi out of his garage and out of his truck. How was he supposed to concentrate when she hung around his garage with that swaying ponytail?Ponytails always revved his imagination. His fingers itched to tug the elastic out and watch her hair tumble down around her face.He had no idea what he had done […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

From Sucker for a Hot Rod: (Sweet contemporary romance) “You know her?” Judi asked.Bryce peered over his shoulder at the retreating waitress.Is he checking her out, Judi thought, or trying to remember? He’d probably recognize her more easily if he was looking at her face.“It’s a small town,” he said. “I come here a lot.”Sucker […]

Back from vacation

We’re back from vacation and trying to get our life sorted out.  Most everything is put away.  The laundry is washed, but there are eight baskets of it to put away. How did we go through so much clothes?  And I did laundry while we were on vacation. We took our usual trip to Nisswa, […]

Sucker for a Hot Rod now in print

Sucker for a Hot Rod is now available in trade paperback from CreateSpace. I was so excited to receive the print copies that I almost accosted the UPS man when he pulled up at the house next to mine. I was on my way to my writing group and had just been wondering whether my […]

Six Sentence Sunday

Spark plug wires were still connected to the engine. She followed one of the blue spark plug wires to whatever they went to. Bryce hadn’t explained that one to her. The other end of the wire wasn’t connected to anything. Neither were the other five. That probably wasn’t good. From Sucker for a Hot Rod. ****20% off Sunday through Wednesday.  All orders […]

Guest Blogging at Elaina Lee’s Blog

Happy Monday!  Today I’m guest blogging at Elaina Lee’s blog (  She is the fabulous designer of the cover for Sucker for a Hot Rod.  Today I’m posting about encouraging disappointments.  If you stop by her blog, you can get a little sneak peak at Sucker for a Hot Rod too. Hope you can drop […]

Six Sentence Sunday

“Dennis’ll be a happy man. Say, he said you’ve been asking about that old Pinto he’s got parked in his barn. What would you want with that hunk of junk? You’ve got a truck.”Bryce closed the access panel on the tractor and tightened the wingnuts. “I was thinking it might be a good figure-­‐‑eight car.” From Sucker for a Hot Rod.Six […]