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With business slow at The Lilac Bower Bed and Breakfast, Minnie Schultz advertises a haunted house to scare up a few guests. The first lodger to appear on her welcome mat is none other than Gordon Anderson, the man who left her alone in a foreign country fifty years ago. His arrival inspires more than doors slamming; it revives the love she had buried, leaving Minnie with a dilemma: to let the memories haunt her or find the spirit for a second chance.
Penny Pounds has never met a challenge she couldn’t plow straight through… until the problem is dementia. Her solution for her long-term care… a husband.
Ken Hayward, her brother’s best friend, is the first man she crosses off her list of potential mates. His no-nonsense attitude drives her batty and vice-versa.
She needs to romance a better choice before Ken sees through her shenanigans and keeps her from walking down the aisle with the wrong man.
After her father’s death, Judi Montgomery has only one memento, a forty-year-old car with a cranky disposition. Its persnickety personality threatens her job, forcing her to depend on the equally ornery mechanic, Bryce Halloway, to repair it. As the mechanical troubles become more frequent, Judi discovers Bryce to be a man parked in family tradition. Can some friendly sabotage help her shift him into a new gear?


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