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Cover Reveal – Hauntings of the Heart

The Meddlesome Matchmakers are here! Sucker for a Hot Rod, Hauntings of the Heart, and Climbing Heartbreak Hill are being re-issued in March as The Meddlesome Matchmaker series with new covers. So here’s the new cover of Hauntings of the Heart: <insert drum-roll here> Available at: Check back on the 29th to see the […]

Hauntings of the Heart #sale

Hauntings of the Heart is on sale for a limited time. Minnie’s story takes center stage in this novel. Find out about her adventures in the Peace Corps, how she acquired the Lilac Bower, and what she does when an old love shows up on her welcome mat. Sale price available at Amazon and Amazon UK.

Exciting News!

Astraea Press is doing great things. Many of their backlist are being put into audio, including Sucker for a Hot Rod and Hauntings of the Heart. I’m so excited. I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet. Have you? They are available at Audible and Amazon. Audible: Hauntings of the Heart Sucker for […]

Hauntings of the Heart

Exciting News! Hauntings of the Heart (formerly known as Locations of the Heart) was accepted by Astraea Press! I can’t wait for you to read Minnie’s story. If you’ve read CEOs Don’t Cry, Minnie is the owner of the Lilac Bower and Mark’s aunt. You can read bits and pieces that were posted on the […]

Coming up for Air

It has been an absolutely crazy two weeks.  Stress level has been totally through the roof. There were lots of big decisions to make and that left a lot of little decisions up in the air. One big decision down, one to go.  I’ll write more about that later. Last night I got to cross […]

Taking a Break

Hello, I’m taking a break from blogging this week – although not from the adventures usually told here – to finish my work in progress, Locations of the Heart. If you would like to read snippets, you can find them here. In other news, my son may have gone 3 days without an accident. I […]

Six Sentence Sunday

From work in progress, Locations of the Heart: “Minnie,” Leslie chided.  “You’ve got to keep your eyes open.  You never know when the perfect man will show up on your doorstep.” Perfect wouldn’t even rhyme with a word she’d use to describe Gordon.  “Mr. Thomas at the hardware store has had his eye on you […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

From work in progress, Locations of the Heart (a sweet, small town romance):  “You’ll never believe who I saw at the Register of Deeds yesterday afternoon.” Edith tossed her purse on the red vinyl booth across the table from Minnie before she scooted into the seat. Minnie waved to their favorite waitress, Rachel, who balanced […]

Six Sentence Sunday

From work in progress Locations of the Heart: “You’ve been seeing actual ghosts at the Lilac Bower? You didn’t say anything,” Edith said, peering at the man’s gadget. Minnie gave her a look. Edith had better not blow this. Edith’s eyes widened and she gasped. “Oh. Oh. Yes!  I heard those noises too.” She nodded […]

Six Sentence Sunday

From my current work in progress Locations of the Heart: Derek’s countenance sobered.  Whatever it was very serious.  “I have it in my power to make you a very wealthy woman.” “You represent Elvis Presley’s estate and he actually left Graceland to me?” Minnie knew he’d meant it when he pointed at her during that […]