New edition of Sucker for a Hot Rod

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod originally released with a brand new publisher called Astraea Press. Hard to believe it’s been that long already! Astraea Press has rebranded with the new name

Today a new edition comes out with a sweet new cover. New cover for Sucker for a Hot RodI was terrified of the editing process for the new edition. How much had I learned in the last four years that would make me cringe when I read this story again? I was surprised to find humorous lines and touching scenes that I had completely forgotten about. Hope you enjoy them too.

Here’s a quick excerpt from the first chapter:

“Hey, you can’t unload that here!”
A man in coveralls with the top half pushed down around
his waist and a John Deere hat perched on his head came out of the
garage. His face showed dark stubble as if he hadn’t shaved in a
day or two. He wiped his hands on a greasy rag and stuffed it in
his back pocket. Grease spots marred the legs of the coveralls and
the white T-­‐‑shirt he wore underneath them. He had a lean,
muscular body and tanned skin. Maybe Halloways’ wasn’t such a
bad idea.
“You can’t unload that here,” he repeated. “We’re not a car
Hank stopped the winch. Judi scowled at him.
The man in the coveralls glared at her and shot a
questioning look at Hammerin’ Hank. Hank rolled his eyes and
folded his arms over his gut. The man’s green eyes swung to her
car and gleamed. He was intrigued. She felt a tiny glimmer of hope.
He adjusted his hat and smirked. Dimples popped out on his
Okay, he was cute, but kind of a jerk. Story of my life, Judi
thought. She slung her purse over her shoulder and tried to head
him off. “Are you Bryce Halloway?” she called.

Copies of the new edition are available at all your favorite ebook retailers.


  1. Congratulations! How exciting to have a re-release with new cover and editing! What a generous publisher. Sucker for a Hot Rod is one of my favorites in your story list. Best wishes!!


  2. Yahoo! Congrats on the rerelease.

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