Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Buck who is cowering in the face of exercise. “Yoga is a low impact exercise. It’s a great way to begin a more active lifestyle.” Marilyn sipped her tea. The green tea had steeped too long and had a bitter tinge. She drank it anyway. The ritual […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck has been forced to return to yoga class…   The door buzzed and yanked Marilyn out of her contemplation. She spun to see Buck outside the glass door with his hands on his hips. He was arguing with someone hidden behind the poster listing the classes for the studio. […]

We’re halfway through the year! It is certainly disappearing quickly. Much faster than I can log miles. :-( I’m struggling with fatigue and soreness and it’s incredibly frustrating. Last summer I could do this. This summer it’s a struggle. As of August 12, I’m at 1,105 miles. At the end of July, I should have […]

My critique partner, J. Q. Rose, is hosting a post about my trip to Glen Arbor, Michigan earlier this summer. It was a beautiful trip, despite camping. :-) A couple weeks ago, the area was hit by a very strong storm, which took out many of the trees. The half marathon around Glen Lake will […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck has agreed to meet with Marilyn, although he’s having some second thoughts about keeping his word.   Maybe Marilyn wouldn’t recognize him and he could duck out the rear to the parking lot. Buck was half out of his seat when she spotted him and waved. She wore a […]

Welcome to the No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop. Hope you can take a moment to look around and see what’s happening at JoselynVaughn.com. It’s a busy month here with a new edition of Sucker for a Hot Rod, Seeing You Again coming out for preorder (available now!), and a special sale of CEOs Don’t Cry at […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!       It’s time to check in with Marilyn, Buck’s nemesis–ahem, potential love interest? After Marilyn tapped in her password, the wallpaper of the road leading to her cabin appeared. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. The calming picture and exercise allowed her to process her […]