CEOs Don’t Cry is going to be part of Amazon’s Big Deal for the next couple weeks. How cool is that? If you’ve already read it, that’s awesome. I would love to hear from you. Let’s do something fun. Post a picture of your favorite reading spot with a Joselyn Vaughn book (Print or ebook) and post […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Penny’s back. She’s recovered from her sojourn in the woods and has been contemplating some of the things Ken said. (Sorry, I had to skip ahead a bit. You’ll have to wait for the book to find out about the vitamins. <ducks>) Penny was proud that she had made it […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Last week we left Penny from In for a Pound shivering in the woods. She probably shouldn’t stay out there for too long. About twenty paces ahead, Ken saw a swatch of color. “Penny?” The figure moved, and he was sure it was her. She was sitting on a bench dangerously […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Penny, Ken, and Harold. Their relationships are getting a bit more complicated. Ken arrived back at Penny’s an hour later, his stomach rumbling for one of Penny’s sandwiches. Since she was likely still at the river with Harold, there wouldn’t be any shaved ham and provolone on […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Penny from In for a Pound. She and Harold have taken a walk along the river to sort a few things out, but have an unexpected guest. This week the prompt for the scene is this scenic road. (I’ve taken a little liberty with it.) Ken’s steps hitched. It […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Penny from In for a Pound, and her afternoon is about to get a little more interesting… When she and Ken descended from the upstairs apartment, Harold, Penny’s preferred beau, was waiting for them. Ken makes a quick exit, leaving Harold and Penny to have coffee and cookies. After […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Another snippet from the story about Penny from In for a Pound. Penny and Ken have just had a rather enlightening discussion with Joshua and Sidney, although Ken isn’t sure he likes Sidney’s revelation. Ken found three more plastic totes of fabric on the floor beside the door. The rest […]