This was a tough topic for me because I don’t tend to imagine celebrities as my characters. Sometimes after the book is done, I will run into someone and think, ‘you are the perfect Min… Source: Who would be in my dream cast?

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I misread the schedule last week, so this week is actually the picture prompt post and I actually have the picture!   “Would you like me to take care of these for you?” Harris’s gaze took in the mountain of dishes flowing out of the sink and across the small counter. […]

  Friday Fun…  10 Random Questions with Ann Evans   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? A tropical island would be nice for a day or two, then I’d get bored of just lazing around. So a cabin in the woods would be more interesting and more inspirational if you’re looking for a new […]

I’ve often wondered if it’s being a creative-type person, or the product of mostly Dutch parents, or parents who grew up in large families during the Depression that makes it hard and n… Source: What’s in Your Junk Drawer?

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!     Marshall took a swig of his drink and swung around to face the bustling dining room. Three boys in baseball uniforms scrambled past them, shouting dibs on an arcade game. “So this is what came to mind when you thought of a place for a night out on the […]

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Trisha Faye Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Both please! It must be my Gemini twins. Water and earth are both necessary to my soul. They both heal and soothe and are needed at different times. Without either, I’d wither away. Coffee or tea? Definitely tea, but only […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   For clarification, I’ve changed Marshall’s housekeeper’s name from Hilda to Jennifer. He’s back at work the next day, but tired from checking on Jennifer all night. Marshall blinked and rubbed his eyes. After staying up all night to monitor Jennifer’s condition and go over his office inch by inch, his brain […]