Friday Fun 10 Random Questions with Rachel Jones   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Tropical island with a breeze, please. Coffee or tea? Tea (although I don’t care for hot drinks). I’m an atypical Southerner – make mine unsweet. Superman or Batman? Superman – you can’t fly across the sky in Batman’s arms. […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! “Butterflies don’t have a very long life span. You’ll need to get out there soon.” Jaiden was surprised by Marshall’s knowledge. Not many developers had any concern for the lives of the wildlife they disrupted. “Some only last a few days. If this one is what I think, it’s in the butterfly […]

Friday Fun 10 Random Questions with J.Q. Rose Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?—Cabin in the woods with a fire ring. Love sitting round the campfire roasting hot dogs, marshmallows and doughboys with friends and family. Coffee or tea? Tea—Constant Comment and Earl Grey are my favorites, however I have just now begun to […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Jaiden’s story as she tries to track down the mystery that spooked Mitz.   Jaiden hovered next to Glenn as he adjusted the microscope to examine the hair she’d found on Mitz. His hair was disheveled as always and spots of coffee sprinkled the front of his lab […]

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Heather Gray   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the Woods…with lots of bug spray! Coffee or tea? Coffee with cream, no sugar…yum! Superman or Batman? Batman rocks! All that ability and no super powers? Love him! Cook dinner or wash dishes? I’d rather cook, but […]

Thank you so much for hosting me. I love the title of the blog and appreciate being an “honorary” fox for the day. How would you describe your writing? My writing is based on storytelling in a casu… Source: Please Welcome, J. Q. Rose!

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! The woman opened her door, looking like she’d just woken from a three-day bender. Her bathrobe haphazardly hugged her disheveled frame and bore fresh stains of a vague nature. Her hair stood on end in wiry twists. She squinted her eyes as she perceived Jaiden. “Whaddya want?” “I called about the […]