Source: Guest:Author Joselyn Vaughn Hey! One of the Foxes at Four Foxes, One Hound interviewed me today about writing romance. Hop over there to check it out.

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Wherein Buck’s attempt to find Marilyn’s next of kin takes a strange twist.   Buck was tempted to tuck the phone back in Marilyn’s purse, but knew there had to be someone who was a closer friend or relative to be here with her. He decided to do a more […]

I’ll be hanging out with W.S. Gager, J.Q. Rose, and Tess Grant from 4 pm to 8 pm at the Fremont Harvest Art Hop. Come see us and the 30+ other artists showing their work. I’m also doing a special giveaway for the Art Hop. Win a $5 Amazon gift card by entering. Visit my […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We left Marilyn passed out on the floor last week. Let’s find out what happens next!   Buck watched in horror as the emergency workers swarmed around Marilyn, throwing around abbreviations like confetti. He’d dived to the floor as she as she dropped, but he couldn’t wake her up. Her […]

CEOs Don’t Cry is being included in the Amazon special 100 Romances for $1.99. It’s a bit hidden. You can go directly to the book here: Don’t forget the rest of the series: Sucker for a Hot Rod Hauntings of the Heart Climbing Heartbreak Hill You can find them all on my Amazon page.

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck survived his first round of exercise, but now it’s time to tackle his diet. Although it might be a while before he and Marilyn can discuss it… Marylin woke with the distinct impression that she hadn’t entered menopause this month. The natural remedies she had been using in preparation […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Buck who is cowering in the face of exercise. “Yoga is a low impact exercise. It’s a great way to begin a more active lifestyle.” Marilyn sipped her tea. The green tea had steeped too long and had a bitter tinge. She drank it anyway. The ritual […]