My favorite romances have happy endings and make me laugh. What better to way to relax than with a story that puts a smile on your face.

When not writing, I spend all my free moments researching bearded dragons and unicorns and playing Fortnite. Oh wait, that’s my kids. I can be found either running on Frank, my affectionately-named treadmill (since he has been cobbled together from parts) or keeping my sewing machines busy. You can follow my craziness on Instagram at @joselynvaughn or check out my sewing creations at http://etsy.com/shop/scrappyremnants.

Free short story : Let the Light Shine

Let the Light Shine


  1. RW Richard · · Reply

    Great start, Joselyn. Nice layout. Your guest’s excerpt was fun to read.


    1. Thanks RW!


  2. Willene Van Dyke · · Reply

    I did not know you had written so many books…… awesome and congrats!!!!!


    1. Thanks, Willene! Glad you could stop by!


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