Welcome to the No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop. Hope you can take a moment to look around and see what’s happening at JoselynVaughn.com. It’s a busy month here with a new edition of Sucker for a Hot Rod, Seeing You Again coming out for preorder (available now!), and a special sale of CEOs Don’t Cry at […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck has agreed to meet with Marilyn, although he’s having some second thoughts about keeping his word.   Maybe Marilyn wouldn’t recognize him and he could duck out the rear to the parking lot. Buck was half out of his seat when she spotted him and waved. She wore a […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!       It’s time to check in with Marilyn, Buck’s nemesis–ahem, potential love interest? After Marilyn tapped in her password, the wallpaper of the road leading to her cabin appeared. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. The calming picture and exercise allowed her to process her […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck’s escape from yoga class may not be as permanent as he hoped…   Buck scowled. “Figures you’d take her side.” “It’s not a side, Buck.” Dr. Wellman flipped through his charts. “You’ve beaten the cancer back, but according to your recent blood tests, diabetes is right on its heels.” […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We couldn’t leave Buck on the floor too much longer…   Buck heard shuffling around him as his classmates rolled on their sides and sat up. Before he could even attempt to throw his weight to the right, his sister’s voice blared, “What a great workout. I feel so relaxed.” […]

Been a crazy morning trying to burn through my to do list, and then I remembered I’ve got to show you the cover for my latest novella, Seeing You Again.  Seeing You Again will be available for preorder from EsKape Press in July. (Which is only two days away! What is happening to this summer?) A […]

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod originally released with a brand new publisher called Astraea Press. Hard to believe it’s been that long already! Astraea Press has rebranded with the new name Cleanreads.com. Today a new edition comes out with a sweet new cover. I was terrified of the editing process for the […]