Been a crazy morning trying to burn through my to do list, and then I remembered I’ve got to show you the cover for my latest novella, Seeing You Again.  Seeing You Again will be available for preorder from EsKape Press in July. (Which is only two days away! What is happening to this summer?) A […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We couldn’t leave Buck on the floor too much longer…   Buck heard shuffling around him as his classmates rolled on their sides and sat up. Before he could even attempt to throw his weight to the right, his sister’s voice blared, “What a great workout. I feel so relaxed.” […]

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod originally released with a brand new publisher called Astraea Press. Hard to believe it’s been that long already! Astraea Press has rebranded with the new name Today a new edition comes out with a sweet new cover. I was terrified of the editing process for the […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Unfortunately, I was getting too close to the end of Penny’s story and didn’t want to give away the ending, so if you want to find out what happens to Penny and Ken, you’ll have to wait until the book is released. That means today we are going her brother […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Penny’s apology to Ken didn’t work out as anyone planned. (I thought the book would end with that scene. Penny had some surprises for me too.) So here is Penny rehashing it and sorting out her emotions with her niece Sidney. “Ken said the spillway proposal was all to preserve […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Penny and Ken are back and Penny’s apology isn’t going as planned. Instead there’s a whole lot of attitude…   Penny snatched her plate. “Don’t expect anymore bacon and eggs.” She stomped to the door. “I take back my apology. You are ridiculous.” Ken jumped from his seat. “What apology?” […]

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Penny’s back. She’s recovered from her sojourn in the woods and has been contemplating some of the things Ken said. (Sorry, I had to skip ahead a bit. You’ll have to wait for the book to find out about the vitamins. <ducks>) Penny was proud that she had made it […]