New cover for Sucker for a Hot Rod

It’s been four years since Sucker for a Hot Rod was released from CleanReads (formerly Astraea Press). To celebrate, it is being re-issued with a new cover. Check it out:

New cover for Sucker for a Hot Rod

Keep your eyes peeled for the new book, coming sometime in May or June!




  1. Yahoo! New cover looks great!


    1. Thanks! Fun to see a new interpretation.


  2. Patricia Kiyono · ·

    Nice! Did you request a new cover, or did CR decide it was time?

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    1. It came up during the Hallmark conversation. We needed to do a new contract, and CR said why not do a re-release too.


  3. Aha! My blog post last week was about aging books and what to do with them. This certainly is a great solution!

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    1. Hopefully a new cover will garner the story some new attention. 🙂


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