Courting Sparks – Available for Pre-order!

My next book, Courting Sparks, is now available for pre-order on Amazon.  It will be released on December 13, just in time for Christmas.

More about the book:

Dusting off the ashes of a failed relationship, Daphne Morrow decides she is ready to date again. But when her scorched prom photos are discovered to be the ignition point for a small forest blaze, marking her as the prime suspect for the arson, she finds they’re not the only part of her past sparking interest. After a friend’s wedding provides a romantic interlude with her longtime friend Noah Banks, Daphne tries to explain away her attraction to him: the atmosphere of the wedding, his resemblance to her ex, his heroic efforts as a volunteer firefighter. Still, their desire just won’t sputter out.
When the arsonist strikes much closer to home, Daphne fears she must risk Noah’s friendship to find the culprit and clear her name. She’ll know their love is real if his interest isn’t put out by her need to uncover the truth.


  1. I just finished CEO's Don't Cry and thought it was great!Looking forward to this new book!


  2. Thanks for picking it up, Jennifer! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


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