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Seeing You Again

I’ve been working on a short story called Seeing You Again. It’s about a couple of empty-nesters who attend prom at a retirement community. You can read installments at Wattpad: New installments going up every day. Hope you can hop over and check it out.

One Lovely Blog Award

So the fabulous Tess Grant tagged me for the One Lovely Blog award. Woohoo! If you like werewolves, you have to check out her Kitty Irish series. They are awesome and the last one is due to come out soon. On to the random facts about me: 1. I get motion sickness when I run […]

What’s Minnie up to now? – Sweet Saturday Samples

Getting back into the swing of things with my work in progress Climbing Heartbreak Hill. (If you’ve read Hauntings of the Heart, Minnie is the heroine from that story. This takes place about three years before.) Happy Reading! Charles had settled on the futon with his feet on Leslie’s body pillow for an afternoon nap. […]

Bobbing for Books Blog Party!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to the Super Spies Halloween Party! We’re giving away a KINDLE FIRE by playing a game called “Bobbing for Books” and here’s how you enter to win! The first way to enter is by tweeting and Facebook sharing about the event and posting the tweet or share in the comment section at […]

A Fabulous Writers’ Retreat

Last weekend, W. S. Gager, Tess Grant and I arranged our first writers’ retreat. It was fabulous (and not just because I didn’ t have to wipe anyone’s bum for twenty-four hours.). We had time to catch up on all the things going on in our lives, the progress on our current works in progress, […]

Coming up for Air

It has been an absolutely crazy two weeks.  Stress level has been totally through the roof. There were lots of big decisions to make and that left a lot of little decisions up in the air. One big decision down, one to go.  I’ll write more about that later. Last night I got to cross […]

New laptop – It’s pink!

After the dilemma of deciding between a new laptop or a new iPod, I went with the laptop.  I got a Dell in Lotus Pink. I’m very excited about the pink.   I spent most of the weekend getting my files moved over and adjusting the settings to my preferences. I think I’m almost there. […]

Rearranging my desk

My husband’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and I decided to get him an XBox (with the ulterior motive that I can stream Netflix movies – the problem there being that I could actually watch an entire season of 24 in one sitting. There would be no excuse to go to bed.  And the […]

Sucker for a Hot Rod Cover!

Woohoo!  I got the cover art for Sucker for a Hot Rod.  It’s awesome. Special thanks to Elaina at Astraea Press for her design.

Sucker for a Hot Rod

An unbelievable week.  I sold my third book!!! Sucker for a Hot Rod (working title) will be released from Astraea Press on March 15.  It will be my first ebook and available on Kindle as well as other formats.  It will eventually be available in trade paperback on Amazon. Everything happened so quickly, my mind […]