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Reading/ Book Signing at the Fremont Area District Library

I will be at the Fremont Area District Library tonight at 7 pm for a reading and book signing as a part of their Writers Live program. Copies of Courting Sparks will be available for purchase. And the Friends of the Library will provide cookies. At least come for the free cookies. Hope to see […]

Six Sentence Sunday

Sandalwood and a touch of wood smoke. The scents drifted from behind her and Daphne knew the man was sexy.  She closed her eyes as she stood on the corner of the dance floor and breathed deeply.  Maybe passing out candy bars for the Dollar Dance wasn’t such a bad thing.  Her Magic Eight Ball […]

Goodreads and Guest Blogging

I’m guest blogging at Grand Rapids Region Writers Group today.  Check it out for an appropriate gift idea. Also, today is the last day to register for the giveaway on Goodreads. Hope you have a wonderful day with or without diamonds, chocolate and flowers.

Valentine’s Day

My husband really is lucky.  By mutual agreement, we do nothing for Valentine’s Day.  No hearts, cards, candy, flowers, or jewelry.  No dinner dates, nothing. Okay, we do make fun of the Valentine’s Day commercials.  (Is it just us or is all the special jewelry advertised this year especially ugly? The pendant that looks like […]

Guest Blogging at The Heart of Romance

For the next couple days, I’m a guest at Sherry Gloag’s blog, The Heart of Romance (  She’ll have an interview with me and then I’ll interview Daphne, the heroine in Courting Sparks.  Hope you can drop by.

Guest Blogging at My Odd Little World

It’s the last stop on the Courting Sparks Blog Tour and your last chance to enter the drawing for a copy of CEOs Don’t Cry or Courting Sparks.  Stop by My Odd Little World (  There may also be an Amazon gift certificate available.  Ooh, I wonder if I’m eligible for that? Thanks for travelling […]

Guest Blogging at Sue Perkins’ Blog

I’m guest blogging at Sue Perkins’ blog today about my awesome critique group.  Find out how fantastic they are. Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of CEOs Don’t Cry or Courting Sparks.