Sugar Overload

The kids’ birthdays sandwich Halloween.  The twins are a week before and the little one’s a week after.

This year was the first year the twins could anticipate the day and knew what was coming.  They were excited about blowing out the candles and having pink cake.

Since we usually do a little party with their cousins, we decided to hold it in the middle of all the birthdays, figuring the little one wouldn’t know the difference anyway.  It ended up being the night of trick or treating in our town.  Our town is a great place for little kids to trick or treat since it is small and we can visit several houses without walking too far for little legs.  The town is surrounded by rural areas so many people bring their kids into town and we can have 300 – 400 trick or treaters. We thought this would be a fun ‘party’ activity.

I made cupcakes for the twins’ actual birthday.  Grandma came a couple days before, so we had cupcakes with candles then and again on their birthday with our playgroup and there were still leftovers.  We scarfed them down.

For the party I made each of the twins their own cake.  A green van cake for my son and a pink Lightning McQueen cake for my daughter.  The little one got her own pink cupcake to smash and feed to the dogs.  Even after having a party, that’s a lot of cake.

After a week of trying to pound down the birthday cake and pick through the remaining Halloween candy, we finally threw the cake out.  (Yes, my Dutch upbringing cries in protest.  I didn’t even crumble it up to put on pudding as my mom would have.)

The leftover candy remains, taunting us from its bowl.  My husband is slowly eating away at the Milk Duds and Whoppers that are left.  I can’t stomach the thought of more sugary treats.

Next year we’ll have to figure out a better way to avoid three birthday cakes in two weeks.

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