Finding a Routine

By the end of the summer, we had an easy routine going.  Breakfast, playtime, diapers, Little One’s naptime, riding bikes, writing a blog post, lunch, etc. It was working well.  I knew when I’d have time to tackle a task.

Then came September and activities and cold weather and our routine disappeared. The activities are always during the Little One’s nap time, so she either misses her morning one or takes it late which  means she misses lunch and has to eat during the twins’ rest-time. The weather was too cold to just go outside and do something.  It required coats and shoes with laces. We must have the right coat and the right shoes and we must put them on ourselves, but we need help, but we won’t cooperate  in any way to get the help we need. And so it takes longer to get ready to go outside than the Little One naps.

So now we are looking for some semblance of order.  A way to fit all the things we need to do in with all the things we want to do.

I suppose something will work itself out soon.  Then it will be Thanksgiving and Christmas and my husband’s parents visiting and my husband will have his holiday break and the Little One will decide that she no longer needs morning naps.  (I wouldn’t mind if she would decide she didn’t need her ‘five minutes after I fall asleep’ bottle either.) And then the routine will change again.

What do you do to get yourself in a good groove?


  1. I only had 2 daughters and they never ever napped at the same time! You have a lot to juggle and I think you are doing a great job keeping it all together.Listening to music or baking helps improve my groove…IF the cake turns out delicious!!


  2. Baking wouldn't help me. Unless the frustration of burning/boiling things over drove to my writing chair. LOL. You are welcome to send any delicious cake over here though. 🙂


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