Valentine’s Day

My husband really is lucky.  By mutual agreement, we do nothing for Valentine’s Day.  No hearts, cards, candy, flowers, or jewelry.  No dinner dates, nothing.

Okay, we do make fun of the Valentine’s Day commercials.  (Is it just us or is all the special jewelry advertised this year especially ugly? The pendant that looks like a viper about to strike doesn’t scream ‘love of my life’ to me. And don’t get me started on the couple in the thunderstorm;  I know he’s a serial killer.)

It just seems like such a hassle to go out on a weekend when everyone else is going out, so every restaurant is busy and every babysitter is taken.  We can celebrate our love on a day not dictated by Hallmark.

So in honor of our not celebrating Valentine’s Day, I am giving away two copies of Courting Sparks on The drawing ends on February 14.

Here’s hoping your Valentine’s weekend is exactly what you hope it will be.

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