Our Redundancy Officer

As the Little One grows, we are discovering her particular talents and wishes.

She prefers to have her pacifier all the time.  We only allow her to have it at naptime and bedtime, but that doesn’t stop the tantrums when she can’t get into her room to get it.

When she’s done eating, she takes off her bib.  She’s even figured out how to remove the one that wraps around her arms.  I’ve tried doubling up her bibs especially for messy meals like spaghetti, but she still manages to escape.

Her other talent is making sure I do things multiple times.  If I pick up her water or milk cup, she throws it back on the floor. She follows me around as I pick up toys, yanking books off the shelves, dumping out blocks and throwing doll clothes on the floor. Immediately after I put them away.

I suppose I should be glad for the job security.

One comment

  1. My mother cured me of that real quick. She'd pick up my dropped cup twice, and if I dropped it a third time..no more cup.


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