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Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Beat

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I know it’s been a few weeks. Colds, doctor appointments, and snow days have gotten in the way. Here’s hoping we can get back on track with Buck’s story.   Buck found Penny stationed at the reception desk bright and early the following morning. He’d known she would keep her word, […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Wood

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   Buck’s nerves were more rattled than he expected as he drove to the hospital. His mind jumped between this drive and the one so many years ago. Would the outcomes be the same? Would he arrive to find his wife dying and his son motherless? He slowed the truck to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Paint

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Buck. He’s trying to help Marilyn out, but his sister has other plans for him.         After Buck retrieved the toothbrushes and steel wool that Ken had requested, he headed over to the Turkey Stop Campground. With Marilyn’s studio closed, he had no excuse to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Nasty

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   “I asked at the cafe.” Buck shoved his hands in his coat pockets. “I tried the special, but citrus-choco-edamame is not for me. I’ll stick with ice cream and chocolate syrup.” Marilyn laughed. “I didn’t know they had that flavor.” “Oh, they don’t. It’s at the fast food place across […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Cup

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!       Marilyn woke the next morning with the new familiar disorientation. After rubbing her eyes, the events of the previous twenty-four hours flitted back into her memory. The surgery, Buck, Lark. Each one, a lot to take in by itself. Together, overwhelming was twelve miles back. Who to call […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Flavor

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!       The nurse finished with a vital’s check as Buck peeked his head through the door to Marilyn’s room. Marilyn’s spirit lightened when she saw him. After a nap, her brain had cleared the anesthesia fog. Given the pain medications in her IV, she felt pretty good. As Buck stepped […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Picture prompt

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Buck’s still at the hospital and his visit isn’t getting any less complicated. “You can tell Penny that I’m fine. Just came here with a friend.” And it looked like Marilyn needed a few. Buck moved to a window that faced a tree-lined avenue behind the hospital. Orange and yellow leaves […]