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Tuesday Tales – Hip – #TT1

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales! We are picking up with the story from last week, although we are switching to Marshall’s point of view. Marshall unwound the plastic bag from his camera and stuffed the device back into its padded case. This afternoon had been a bust. He’d seen a few small rodents and possibly […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Mixed

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I’m leaving Buck’s story for a while. I’m kinda stuck and need to figure out where it’s going. I have this story on the back burner and decided to pull it to the front and take a look. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I bet you’ll be able to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Beat

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I know it’s been a few weeks. Colds, doctor appointments, and snow days have gotten in the way. Here’s hoping we can get back on track with Buck’s story.   Buck found Penny stationed at the reception desk bright and early the following morning. He’d known she would keep her word, […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Wood

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   Buck’s nerves were more rattled than he expected as he drove to the hospital. His mind jumped between this drive and the one so many years ago. Would the outcomes be the same? Would he arrive to find his wife dying and his son motherless? He slowed the truck to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Paint

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Buck. He’s trying to help Marilyn out, but his sister has other plans for him.         After Buck retrieved the toothbrushes and steel wool that Ken had requested, he headed over to the Turkey Stop Campground. With Marilyn’s studio closed, he had no excuse to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #wired

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!     Marilyn squeezed Buck’s hand. “You were blessed to have so many people who cared about you.” What she wouldn’t have given for just one person to help her? Just one person who would support her? What would that have been like? Would have made her decision easier? Would she […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #Christmas Story

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! This week is the last part of the Christmas story that started with this picture:  I’ve posted the whole story here, but if you’ve read the other parts and want to skip to the end, click here. (Also the story doesn’t have a title, so if you have any ideas, leave […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Pretty

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Catching up with the Christmas story this week. Check back next week for the ending!   Lacey recalled the evening. Her anticipation of meeting Tom for the special question he’d hinted at in the note. How she’d fixed her hair and makeup so meticulously. How she’d spent the extra time to […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Evil

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   A man huddled next to a bale of hay with a Great Dane trying to bury its head into the bale. A crack of thunder shook the barn. The dog reversed and sprinted around the open area, banking off the bales and kicking up chaff. An open stall door swung […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Picture prompt

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Since it’s almost Christmas, I decided to start a short Christmas story. Don’t worry we will come back to Marilyn and Buck after the holidays. It wasn’t going to be Christmas without snow. Lacey kicked a clump of still green grass as she waited for the mechanic to deliver her car […]