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Fuel Your Creativity with Jill Richardson

Please welcome Jill Richardson! What have I done to spark creativity other than writing? I drove twenty miles for sparkly purple spandex leggings. And I wore them. I’ll have to think about whether I am willing to post a picture. For ten years, my family has been involved in the local community theater. We started […]

Fuel Your Creativity with Jill Urbach

I’m always fascinated by stage performances, perhaps because I have no experience with what work goes on before the performance begins and what motivates the author. Jill gives us a little insight into that work.   Singing and acting are creative outlets for me. I must admit that, in some ways, I find them more […]

Fuel Your Creativity with Stephanie McCall

I love when I open a post from an author and am totally surprised by their creative outlet. Stephanie’s definitely did that. I’ve never had someone write about theatre before. Writing has always been my first and strongest creative outlet. However, when I’m not writing, I find ways to express myself through singing and theatrical […]