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Friday Fun with Wendy May Andrews

Friday Fun 10 Random Questions with Wendy May Andrews Oh Joseyn! This is hard! So many of them I want to say either both or neither! But I will answer with explanations J   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? This one is definitely both, but at different times. In the middle of the […]

Friday Fun with Karen King

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Karen King     Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Tropical Island. Coffee or tea? It depends on the time of day and what I’m doing. Tea first thing in the morning, coffee if I’m working, black coffee if I’m working very hard. Cook dinner or wash dishes? […]

Friday Fun with Sandy Bruney

Friday Fun… 10 random Questions with…Sandy Bruney Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?  I’ve done cabin in the woods, although “cabin” is a misnomer for the house we rented in Tennessee. (The waterline in our first cabin broke, so we got upgraded to a very luxurious place.) Having done that, I’ll opt for the tropical […]

Friday Fun with Jaclyn E. Brod

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Jaclyn E. Brod   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the woods! Coffee or tea? Neither, Pepsi! Lol. I’m not a big tea or coffee Drinker. Superman or Batman? BATMAN! Cook dinner or wash dishes? Haha, Most defiantly wash dishes, I don’t cook Walking Dead or Once […]

Friday Fun with Rachel Jones

Friday Fun 10 Random Questions with Rachel Jones   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Tropical island with a breeze, please. Coffee or tea? Tea (although I don’t care for hot drinks). I’m an atypical Southerner – make mine unsweet. Superman or Batman? Superman – you can’t fly across the sky in Batman’s arms. […]

Tuesday Tales – Hip – #TT1

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales! We are picking up with the story from last week, although we are switching to Marshall’s point of view. Marshall unwound the plastic bag from his camera and stuffed the device back into its padded case. This afternoon had been a bust. He’d seen a few small rodents and possibly […]

Friday Fun with Kimbra Kasch

Kimbra takes her turn… Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? My favorite author of all time is Stephen King, so need I answer? Well, in case that wasn’t enough of a tease, I’d have to say “A cabin in the woods” ;D Coffee or tea? Coffee…of course ;D caffeine keeps writers writing…readers reading… Superman […]

Friday Fun with Jean Joachim

Here’s Jean’s go at the questions: Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? That’s tough. All my life I’ve preferred a tropical island, until I acquired a small  cabin in the woods. I guess the cabin in the summer, the tropical island in the summer. Or maybe I’m just a spoiled brat! Lol. Coffee or […]

Christmas Treats with Cindy Flores Martinez

I love to bake, but I often make healthy desserts. Ingredients like coconut oil, coconut palm sugar, oats, all-natural peanut butter, fruit, and even vegetables are all part of my recipes. The other day, I saw a recipe for beet brownies. You use a half cup of cooked beets in the mix. The mere thought […]

Christmas Treats with LeeAnn Sontheimer Murphy

As I celebrate Christmas, one of my traditions is to spend time in the kitchen cooking up traditional recipes, family favorites, making candy, and baking cookies.  The first holiday recipe I learned to make was old fashioned sugar cookies, cut into Christmas tree and Santa shapes.  We always frosted them in bright Christmas colors.  I […]