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Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Push

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   For clarification, I’ve changed Marshall’s housekeeper’s name from Hilda to Jennifer. He’s back at work the next day, but tired from checking on Jennifer all night. Marshall blinked and rubbed his eyes. After staying up all night to monitor Jennifer’s condition and go over his office inch by inch, his brain […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Phone

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! The next morning, Jaiden wished she had called in sick to work. She didn’t realize how much was normally up and down at her job. Every time she needed to get something from across the room, she’d be halfway to her feet and start putting weight on her bum ankle. She’d […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #picture

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   Jaiden parked her car at her duplex and hobbled on crutches along the path to her steps. The set of four stairs to her front door had her groaning about the days she would be on crutches. But staring at the stairs wouldn’t get her out of the rain storm […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Swallow

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Jaiden and Marshall at the emergency room. “What happened to your ankle?” He tipped his head toward her propped foot. Her calf met her ankle in a puffy cankle under her knee socks. The doctor would have to cut her sock off her foot. “I think I twisted […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #mirror

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I had to backtrack a bit as I did some rewriting. We return to Marshall and Jaiden in the emergency waiting area.   He helped the woman get situated, then checked the cut underneath the stained towel. “It’s stopped bleeding.” The woman nodded, lowered her arms from the back her head, […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Grab

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! So Marshall’s off to the emergency room. Let’s see what happened with Jaiden.   Jaiden tried to flex her ankle but the swelling hindered any movement. Her fear of the huge guy on the trail and her confusion about the animal–stump, thing, whatever–she saw had blocked out the pain until she […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #picture

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   We’re back with Marshall to see what he discovered behind the kitchen door. “It’s not so much think as deducing from evidence. A gash like that doesn’t just happen.” The cut had stopped bleeding but the gash was at least an inch long and gaping wide open. “I’m pretty sure […]

Tuesday Tales – Hip – #TT1

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales! We are picking up with the story from last week, although we are switching to Marshall’s point of view. Marshall unwound the plastic bag from his camera and stuffed the device back into its padded case. This afternoon had been a bust. He’d seen a few small rodents and possibly […]

Cover Reveal – Climbing Heartbreak Hill

The Meddlesome Matchmakers are here! Now it’s time for the cove reveal for Climbing Heartbreak Hill. <insert drumroll here> Available at: http://cleanreads.com/romance/96-climbing-heartbreak-hill.html

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Mixed

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I’m leaving Buck’s story for a while. I’m kinda stuck and need to figure out where it’s going. I have this story on the back burner and decided to pull it to the front and take a look. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I bet you’ll be able to […]