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Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Write

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! Marshall clicked the zoom button on the screen and the Bigfoot cast enlarged in front of him. Why would someone steal the original? His phone beeped from where he’d tossed it. Jaiden. He smiled and tapped the answer button. As her voice greeted him. His smile grew even bigger. Hilde would […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Smudge

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’ve rewinded a bit from my last post. Jaiden is going disc-golfing with Harris and runs into a freaked out Mitz again.   Jaiden trudged to retrieve her disc, her mind still on what could have spooked Mitz. She bent to pick up her disc, but stopped as something in the […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #picture

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   I’m jumping forward a bit because the picture fit so well.   “This would be a good place to look for the Karner Blue,” Jaiden said, unclasping the top of her bag and extracting her camera. “What should I look for?” Marshall asked. “Blue wings around an inch to two […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Toes

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   Marshall turned toward Jaiden. “I can’t believe it was stolen.” His eyes were wide and his face frozen in shock. He was processing something, putting pieces together in his head, but she felt like she only had five pieces of thousand piece puzzle. “What was stolen?” She came closer, touching […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Pencil

  Welcome to Tuesday Tales! “Any luck with the butterfly?” Marshall asked, opening the door to a home office. The windows faced north to rolling hills and pine trees. The desk was angled to provide a wide view of the hillside. For a home office, the workspace was remarkably clean, like a photoshoot for a […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Purple

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! “Butterflies don’t have a very long life span. You’ll need to get out there soon.” Jaiden was surprised by Marshall’s knowledge. Not many developers had any concern for the lives of the wildlife they disrupted. “Some only last a few days. If this one is what I think, it’s in the butterfly […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Save

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’re back with Jaiden’s story as she tries to track down the mystery that spooked Mitz.   Jaiden hovered next to Glenn as he adjusted the microscope to examine the hair she’d found on Mitz. His hair was disheveled as always and spots of coffee sprinkled the front of his lab […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – Hug

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! The woman opened her door, looking like she’d just woken from a three-day bender. Her bathrobe haphazardly hugged her disheveled frame and bore fresh stains of a vague nature. Her hair stood on end in wiry twists. She squinted her eyes as she perceived Jaiden. “Whaddya want?” “I called about the […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #picture

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! I misread the schedule last week, so this week is actually the picture prompt post and I actually have the picture!   “Would you like me to take care of these for you?” Harris’s gaze took in the mountain of dishes flowing out of the sink and across the small counter. […]

Tuesday Tales – #TT1 – #picture

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!     Marshall took a swig of his drink and swung around to face the bustling dining room. Three boys in baseball uniforms scrambled past them, shouting dibs on an arcade game. “So this is what came to mind when you thought of a place for a night out on the […]