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Sweet Saturday Sample or Does Bavarian Cream Smell like Almonds?

Here’s another snippet from Climbing Heartbreak Hill: Tara awoke face down on her pillow to her alarm squawking six o’clock in one ear and her phone jingling in the other. She lifted her face off the case to find her makeup had left a smeared outline on the fabric. After slapping the off button on […]

Thursday Snippets – Blackbird Flies – #excerpt

Today, I’m welcoming YA author, Chynna Laird, with an excerpt from her book Blackbird Flies. Blurb: Fifteen year-old Payton MacGregor is a musical prodigy. To him, though, his music is merely a way for him to escape from the chaos that surrounds him. All of his life, he’s had to care for his mother, who […]

Thursday Snippets – Tracy Krauss – #excerpt

Today, Tracy Krauss is sharing an excerpt of her latest Astraea  Press novel, Wind Over Marshdale. Blurb: Marshdale. Just a small farming community where nothing special happens.  A perfect place to start over… or get lost. There is definitely more to this prairie town than meets the eye. Once the meeting place of aboriginal tribes […]

#SweetSat – Heartbreak Hill

Another sample from the newly-renamed, work-in-progress Climbing Heartbreak Hill: The door flew open and an older woman flew in. Almost literally. Her sneakers barely scraped the carpet and her ivory hair stood on end. “I heard Leslie’s in labor and came right from my Zumba class.” Ryan pondered the ability of news to travel so […]

Thursday Snippets – Jessie Bailey Anderson – #excerpts

Today, fellow Astraea Press author, Jessie Bailey Anderson, is sharing from her young adult novel, At What Cost. Blurb: During her junior year, sixteen-year-old Maggie Reynolds expected to shop for prom dresses not maternity clothes. Now, instead of studying for the SATs, she’s reading, What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Maggie’s ‘Mother Dearest’ lives in fear that […]

#SweetSat – Courting Sparks – #excerpt

Here’s a little peek at an older title, Courting Sparks: Ignore these emotions, Daphne scolded herself in the mirror.  Taking a fortifying breath, she headed for the front yard and found Noah standing among the Santas like a giant among elves.  He scratched the back of his head as he looked down at the knee-high plastic […]

Thursday Snippets – Anne Patrick – #excerpt

Christian romantic suspense author, Anne Patrick, is sharing an excerpt of Kill Shot today. Blurb Former combat medic Kory Wagner survived three tours in Iraq.  Now she’s home and out of the Army for good and someone is trying to kill her in her own backyard.  Just as disturbing is the handsome sheriff who’s on […]

Thursday Snippets – Teresa Carpenter – #excerpt

Teresa Carpenter is sharing an excerpt of the first chapter of The Sheriff’s Doorstep Baby today. CHAPTER ONE Hands braced on his hips, Sheriff Nate Connor stood looking down at the strange beauty sleeping on his couch. Rolled up in his fleece throw, purple and pink striped socks peaked out from one end and sunshine […]

Thursday Snippets – Sydell Voeller

Today, Sydell Voeller is sharing a snippet of Summer Magic with us. Blurb: When her fiance calls off their engagement, veterinarian assistant Lisa Prentice joins the circus in hopes of escaping the everyday grind. But life under the big top isn’t quite what she expected. None of the veterinarian’s former assistants managed to please their […]

Guest Blogging at Front Seat Romance and at Astraea Press

Today, I am a guest at Front Seat Romance, (http://frontseatromance.blogspot.com/), a great place to find out about new sweet romances.  Hope  you can drop by for an excerpt of Hauntings of the Heart. I’m also blogging at the Astraea Press blog about my obsession with weather, especially storms. If I ever get a smart phone, […]