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Join us! We have cookies(?)!

I don’t volunteer to bring food for things if I can help it. Most of my cooking and baking ends up suspect. However, my friends (WS Gager, JQ Rose, and Kelly Tinkham) and I are doing an author talk tonight and we all volunteered to bring cookies or bars. I have a fairly fool-proof recipe […]

Cooking Adventures: Bread

My cooking adventures have been few and far between. I’ve been cooking most nights, but rarely trying anything new. Last week, we were out of bread and dragging three kids to Walmart didn’t seem worth it, so I pulled out the bread machine. The only yeast I had was slightly – cough, a year, cough […]

Cooking Adventure: Cheesecake

My husband doesn’t like cake. (I know, weird, right?)  So when the kids asked him what kind of birthday cake he wanted, he said cheesecake. Usually if there is cheesecake to be made in the Vaughn household, he makes it, but since it was his birthday, I decided to give it a whirl. I’ve tried […]

This didn’t come out of a box!

My cooking skills are limited to things that have clear instructions on the labels or are of the open and eat variety. The idea of a potluck fills me with panic. What can I make that’s edible? Will it look appetizing enough for perfect strangers to eat? Will we want to take the uneaten portion […]