Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Karen King     Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Tropical Island. Coffee or tea? It depends on the time of day and what I’m doing. Tea first thing in the morning, coffee if I’m working, black coffee if I’m working very hard. Cook dinner or wash dishes? […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!! We’ve rewinded a bit from my last post. Jaiden is going disc-golfing with Harris and runs into a freaked out Mitz again.   Jaiden trudged to retrieve her disc, her mind still on what could have spooked Mitz. She bent to pick up her disc, but stopped as something in the […]

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Catherine Bennett   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Though both have their share of bugs and other creepy crawlers, I would prefer the tropical island locale for the beach and sunshine. Coffee or tea? Coffee with cream and sugar. Superman or Batman? When I was young, I […]

Friday Fun… 10 random Questions with…Sandy Bruney Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?  I’ve done cabin in the woods, although “cabin” is a misnomer for the house we rented in Tennessee. (The waterline in our first cabin broke, so we got upgraded to a very luxurious place.) Having done that, I’ll opt for the tropical […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   I’m jumping forward a bit because the picture fit so well.   “This would be a good place to look for the Karner Blue,” Jaiden said, unclasping the top of her bag and extracting her camera. “What should I look for?” Marshall asked. “Blue wings around an inch to two […]

Friday Fun… 10 Random Questions with Jaclyn E. Brod   Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Cabin in the woods! Coffee or tea? Neither, Pepsi! Lol. I’m not a big tea or coffee Drinker. Superman or Batman? BATMAN! Cook dinner or wash dishes? Haha, Most defiantly wash dishes, I don’t cook Walking Dead or Once […]

Welcome to Tuesday Tales!!   Marshall turned toward Jaiden. “I can’t believe it was stolen.” His eyes were wide and his face frozen in shock. He was processing something, putting pieces together in his head, but she felt like she only had five pieces of thousand piece puzzle. “What was stolen?” She came closer, touching […]