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Guest at Kristena Tunstall’s blog

I’m talking about The Warden’s Lantern at Kristena Tunstall’s blog today. Hop over and say hi!

#SixSunday – The Warden’s Lantern

From The Warden’s Lantern: The whirl and whine of the wind blocked any animal sounds. Not a bird tweeted nor an owl hooted. The bluish light swirled toward her, casting a conical brightness into the growing dark. She squinted into the twilight. Was it a figure, maybe a person, behind the light? She couldn’t tell […]

#SweetSat – The Warden’s Lantern – #excerpt

Another chance to preview a bit of The Warden’s Lantern: Her body smashed through briars and dried leaves and she hoped no poison ivy. Tumbling through a wild raspberry bush, her glasses flew off her face. She came to a halt against the trunk of a scraggly tree. Her exposed skin stung in slashes where the […]

#SixSunday – The Warden’s Lantern

From The Warden’s Lantern: Barbara Milanowski adjusted the motion setting on her camera and snapped another shot of the trail. She wrapped the strap around her wrist and wandered a few yards along the road— if it could be called that anymore. Weeds grew up through the middle and crowded in from the sides. A […]

Guest Blogging at Anne Patrick’s Blog today

I’m sharing a bit of The Warden’s Lantern at Anne Patrick’s blog today ( Come on by and join the fun!