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It Just Comes Natural

My son discovered fishing while we were on vacation. I’m not sure what appeals to him more: the Spiderman fishing pole or being able to fling something into the water and reel it back in, just to do it again. He spent hours on the end of the dock casting the bobber into the water […]

Opening the Garage Sale

The other day we visited a garage sale and I allowed the kids to pick one toy each. My son’s first choice was a tow truck with all the bells and whistles… literally.  Lights blinked, songs played, you name it. It was $3.  More than I would spend at a garage sale for a toy […]

She’s talking!

Having mastered walking, toddler running (walking so fast you look like you’re going to trip and your cheeks jiggle) and climbing, the Little One is now working on her speech. Few of her words are probably recognizable to anyone but me, but her growing vocabulary is sometimes helpful and other times, oh dear.  One morning […]

Saying Prayers

The kids have started saying prayers before meals.  We encourage them to say something simple like “Dear God, thank you for the food. Amen.” Some nights we are lucky to get a muffled amen. Last night was different.  I was getting their food ready while I got ready for my book signing.  I gave them […]

Excuses, con’t

As you may remember, my son used the excuse “My bed is not good for me” as a reason for not going back to his bed when he wakes up way too early in the morning. (See Excuses.) We found out last week that he was probably right. He’s had a stuffy nose since mid-October, […]


My son has been coming up with some serious and unintentionally truthful excuses for not doing what he needs to do. For not wanting to go to the doctor:‘I’m too crabby to.’ – Sorry, crabbiness does not get you out of going to the doctor.  It gets me out of taking you to story time […]

Too Crabby to…

The other day at supper after a too early morning (Thank you time change. Three weeks later, they are still getting up two hours early.  How in the world does that work?) We were eating supper and my son was refusing to eat his potatoes because they were too spicy. (They had butter on them.) […]