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Mysteries of the Vaughn Household

* A child can complain they are starving all afternoon, then not eat a bite of supper. * The children can be wrestling like wild dogs when in the house, but once they go outside they will sit quietly in a chair clutching their blankets. * Children that are falling asleep in their macaroni and […]

Earworm questions

Besides asking obvious questions (Why did you pour milk in my cup? – Because you asked for it.), my kids also ask earworm questions.  Like the songs you can’t get out of your head, they repeat variations of the same question over and over. The most recent topic: Rhyming words. They want to know if […]

What do we get from horses?

Since my son is in the “why?” stage, we’ve trying to give him honest answers. We explain why we clean the floors, why we don’t eat off them and where food comes from. Today, he asked me  if milk and cheese comes from cows. I said yes. Then he asked what food we get from […]

Her Sixth Sense

The Little One has the fabulous talent of being able to sense when I’ve either gotten comfortable in bed or been asleep for five minutes.  At this moment, she will wake up and start crying. Some nights she only needs to be covered up, other nights she needs to go potty (and by this I […]

I’m Gonna (beep) You.

My son, as all preschoolers do, is rapidly picking up new words. Some good, some not so good. Sometimes he pronounces the word correctly and sometimes it gets mangled. After watching an episode of Sid the Science Kid about decaying fruit, he learned the word ‘decay’ and stopped eating dented grapes. However, pronouncing ‘decay’ often […]

Getting in the car should be faster with one, right?

Once the twins started school, I figured it would be so easy for the Little One and me to run errands, etc. because I would only have one child to buckle in and out of a car seat at each stop and one child to corral and police in each location. What I didn’t count […]

Training Them Right

Quite often as mothers, we lament the lessons our children don’t learn – saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, picking up their toys, being nice to other kids, etc. Then there are those rare occasions when we can think, well, there’s one thing I passed on right. Since the twins are progressing in potty training, the […]

It Just Comes Natural

My son discovered fishing while we were on vacation. I’m not sure what appeals to him more: the Spiderman fishing pole or being able to fling something into the water and reel it back in, just to do it again. He spent hours on the end of the dock casting the bobber into the water […]

Opening the Garage Sale

The other day we visited a garage sale and I allowed the kids to pick one toy each. My son’s first choice was a tow truck with all the bells and whistles… literally.  Lights blinked, songs played, you name it. It was $3.  More than I would spend at a garage sale for a toy […]

She’s talking!

Having mastered walking, toddler running (walking so fast you look like you’re going to trip and your cheeks jiggle) and climbing, the Little One is now working on her speech. Few of her words are probably recognizable to anyone but me, but her growing vocabulary is sometimes helpful and other times, oh dear.  One morning […]