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Some kind of talent

My daughters have an amazing talent that I’m really hoping they grow out of soon. They have an uncanny ability to trip, land on their face, and need to have teeth pulled. My oldest tripped in the bathroom, slammed into the tub, and eventually lost two. (Now I’m even more freaked out about rough-housing in […]

It happened again

Two years ago, my daughter tripped in the bathroom and smacked her face on the bathtub. This resulted in a split lip and two teeth shoved up into her gum. The teeth had to be removed because the root was dying and removal would prevent damage to her permanent teeth. She now has a charming […]

Another Dentist Visit

No, there hasn’t been any more dental trauma in the Vaughn household. (See Minus Two, Plus One.)  It was just time for the twins’ regular checkup. Our last dentist visit resulted in my daughter having two teeth pulled after injuring them in a fall.  They gave her a sedative for the procedure and promised she […]

Minus Two, Plus One.

The Little One has had seven teeth since August.  Four on top, three on bottom.  And for the last week she’s been my little Klingon.  Normally, she’s very much a mama’s girl, but she will spend more than five minutes not clinging to my pant-legs when we are home.  This week, she’s cried whenever I […]