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Weather Predicting Kids

The weather this winter had been odd for West Michigan. We didn’t have any accumulating snow until the beginning of January. But in the last week, we’ve had a couple of inches every few days. My mom always says that when the kids are rambunctious there must be a storm coming. I’m starting to believe […]

Playing in the Snow, Snow day part 2

When you get 14 inches of snow, you have to go out in it. Yesterday afternoon, we bundled the kids up – thus severely limiting the Little One’s movement- she looks like a pink stay-puff marshmallow – and headed outside. Since our neighbor had plowed the driveway, it was possible for the kids to walk […]

The Big Snow

Yes, we got dumped on.  Not nearly as bad as most of the Midwest, but we have over a foot of snow.  The fence is about 4 feet high, but we have been shoveling the snow from the driveway over it. The sidewalk in front of our house had been plowed.  There were twelve inch […]

Conversation about Snow

At the breakfast table. My daughter, wearing bright yellow with pink flowers, two sizes too big rain boots: I got snow boots! My son: Those aren’t snow boots. those are rain boots! This devolved into an argument about the true nature of the boots, then evolved to a discussion of where snow comes from. Daughter: […]