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Infinity Scarves and Giveaway

My sister has been creating all kinds of cool scarves out of scraps that’s she’s trimmed off pants or snipped off skirts. They are awesome. And they got me thinking. A couple scarves would be pretty simple to do and I have some fabulous fabric. This one I got from my sister. She says it […]

Crocheted Hand Warmers

The inability to be idle has been passed down from generation to generation in my family. If my mother wasn’t working in the garden, she was sewing. If she wasn’t sewing, she was knitting. If she wasn’t knitting, she was playing Flinch. If she wasn’t playing Flinch, she was sleeping. My sisters (and brothers) and […]

Race for the Cure

My sister fought breast cancer this year and kicked its butt. She ran a 10k in the middle of her radiation treatment, which I thought was pretty awesome. So this fall both my sisters and I signed up for our local Race for the Cure. We ended up running and walking with my niece and […]