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And it goes on and on, my friend…

Sorry if that gets stuck in your head, and yes, this is another post about potty training. My son continues to do well. The Little One insists on sitting–it’s really more like bouncing–on the potty a couple times a week. For her age, she is well ahead of her brother and sister. My daughter, however, […]

Are you a Member of the Sisterhood?

My friend, Tess Grant, and I recently realized we have a sisterhood.  We would prefer that it was the “Sisterhood of the Bestselling Novel.” Instead we are members of the “Sisterhood of the Bum.” This is a much larger group.  Anyone with children in diapers or potty training, or new puppies or aging household pets […]

End of a Long Summer

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that this summer has been rough for us.  We’ve had a lot of big things going on: my mom’s move and letting go of the family farm; potty training, regression and bladder infections; almost relocating across the state and a myriad of other […]

Potty Training Update (Seriously will these ever end?)

I think my son has finally figured it all out. He can go pee.  He can go poop.  He can go without being reminded. He can summon a couple dribbles to get the desired color of candy treat. Success! and we move on… The Little One is catching the bug. She really likes the treats, […]

Taking a Break

Hello, I’m taking a break from blogging this week – although not from the adventures usually told here – to finish my work in progress, Locations of the Heart. If you would like to read snippets, you can find them here. In other news, my son may have gone 3 days without an accident. I […]

Potty Training update #2 zillion

We have… REGRESSION! You were going to cheer, right?  I thought we were so close.  We were down to occasional accidents and they were mostly of the number two variety.  Not perfect.  Not totally trained, but experiencing definite forward progress. Then both kids slammed on the brakes, threw it in reverse and jammed on the […]

Potty Training update #89869 (or I don’t actually remember)

WE HAVE PROGRESS! Yesterday after much bribing, cajoling and warning, MY DAUGHTER PEED ON THE POTTY!  Yes, she was sitting on the potty and peed.  Not standing near it or on top of it.  Actually sitting ON it.  It was amazing.  It was like seeing a unicorn. (The bribe that worked – going to the […]