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Underwear? What was I thinking?

One Saturday afternoon, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea that I could sew some underwear for my daughter. She’s four, so they would be small and quick and I had fabric and elastic so why not? Why not indeed. In my deluded thoughts, this would be so much simpler than hopping into the truck driving the […]

Mysteries of the Vaughn Household

* A child can complain they are starving all afternoon, then not eat a bite of supper. * The children can be wrestling like wild dogs when in the house, but once they go outside they will sit quietly in a chair clutching their blankets. * Children that are falling asleep in their macaroni and […]

Potty Training Update

Yes, another update. I wish this journey was over. I wish I could pack up the remaining diapers and pullups and shuffle them off to the food pantry or the women’s crisis center. This journey has been an ultra-marathon and we may be finally approaching the end, but I have a feeling it’s on the […]

Creating His Own Crime Scene

I didn’t know my dog was into CSI, but when we arrived home Friday morning after running errands, our scaredy-cat Beagle-mix had left three crime scenes for me to clean up. We’d had a thunderstorm which consisted of three instances of thunder and moderately heavy rain. Quite unexciting compared to some of the storms we’ve […]

Too cute for my husband?

My new sewing machine has been so inspiring. I am thinking of all kinds of things to make and to alter. ¬†All those little things about my clothes where they don’t fit just right? I might finally fix them. All those cute projects in books and magazines and Pinterest I’ve found: I might just make […]

Weather Predicting Kids

The weather this winter had been odd for West Michigan. We didn’t have any accumulating snow until the beginning of January. But in the last week, we’ve had a couple of inches every few days. My mom always says that when the kids are rambunctious there must be a storm coming. I’m starting to believe […]

Potty Training update (Really can there be any more of these?)

Yes, obviously there can. The Little One has started to train herself. This is good and bad news. Good news because she’s excited about it and seems to get it most of the time. Bad news because I am completely burned out on being in my bathroom. And the Little One has to go. A […]

And it goes on and on, my friend…

Sorry if that gets stuck in your head, and yes, this is another post about potty training. My son continues to do well. The Little One insists on sitting–it’s really more like bouncing–on the potty a couple times a week. For her age, she is well ahead of her brother and sister. My daughter, however, […]

Are you a Member of the Sisterhood?

My friend, Tess Grant, and I recently realized we have a sisterhood.  We would prefer that it was the “Sisterhood of the Bestselling Novel.” Instead we are members of the “Sisterhood of the Bum.” This is a much larger group.  Anyone with children in diapers or potty training, or new puppies or aging household pets […]

End of a Long Summer

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that this summer has been rough for us.  We’ve had a lot of big things going on: my mom’s move and letting go of the family farm; potty training, regression and bladder infections; almost relocating across the state and a myriad of other […]