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Need some pants? Here’s my sleeve.

My son is a typical boy. He spends a lot of time crawling on the floor pushing his Matchbox cars around. And the knees of his pants are fine one day and gone the next. I thought I had enough pants for the this winter, but then he grew. Wearing them made him look like […]

Some kind of talent

My daughters have an amazing talent that I’m really hoping they grow out of soon. They have an uncanny ability to trip, land on their face, and need to have teeth pulled. My oldest tripped in the bathroom, slammed into the tub, and eventually lost two. (Now I’m even more freaked out about rough-housing in […]

Underwear? What was I thinking?

One Saturday afternoon, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea that I could sew some underwear for my daughter. She’s four, so they would be small and quick and I had fabric and elastic so why not? Why not indeed. In my deluded thoughts, this would be so much simpler than hopping into the truck driving the […]

Mysteries of the Vaughn Household

* A child can complain they are starving all afternoon, then not eat a bite of supper. * The children can be wrestling like wild dogs when in the house, but once they go outside they will sit quietly in a chair clutching their blankets. * Children that are falling asleep in their macaroni and […]

Potty Training Update

Yes, another update. I wish this journey was over. I wish I could pack up the remaining diapers and pullups and shuffle them off to the food pantry or the women’s crisis center. This journey has been an ultra-marathon and we may be finally approaching the end, but I have a feeling it’s on the […]

Recent Upcycled projects

I haven’t been doing very much blogging, or writing for that matter, but I have managed to do a couple upcycling or refashioning projects. I love the idea of converting something used for one purpose into something for another.  A long sleeve T-shirt into a tank top or a pair of jeans into a purse […]

When Your Mom Doesn’t Remember…

My mom is known for telling the same stories over and over. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard how my grandma threw my aunt in the air and broke her leg, how my brother took a walker down the stairs, or how my three-year-old brother brother got my newborn sister out […]