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“Long, thin, slimy ones…”

I used to fish with my dad until he said I had to bait my own hook. (I guess he wanted to fish too.) That required picky up a slimy, squirmy worm and piercing it with a hook. I could bear to touch one of the squiggly creatures only IF I was wearing thick, winter […]

Presto PJs!

For some reason I decided my children needed more summer pajamas, probably because the Little One chose to wear footie-pajamas yesterday even though it was 85 degrees. (She did have other options, but we’ve discussed her clothing preferences before.) I purchased some sheets at a thrift store that I thought would be really cute for […]

The Little One’s Clothes

My children have always been very particular about what they wear. At eighteen months, the twins would throw temper tantrums and rip off their clothes if I attempted to wrestle them into something they didn’t like. Sadly, there were many cute outfits that were worn for less than a minute. The Little One has taken […]

More Patchy Knees

Every morning my son complains that he doesn’t have any pants to wear. There are at least four pair in his drawer, but he refuses to wear them. One pair I’ve said is exclusively for grubby things. One pair is really nice and should be for church. (Not that he wears them for church. He […]

Cooking Adventures: Bread

My cooking adventures have been few and far between. I’ve been cooking most nights, but rarely trying anything new. Last week, we were out of bread and dragging three kids to Walmart didn’t seem worth it, so I pulled out the bread machine. The only yeast I had was slightly – cough, a year, cough […]

Thanksgiving Blog Hop

Welcome to my stop on the Thanksgiving Blog Hop! As the holiday season approaches and the stores try to extend it every year, I start to panic. This week is Thanksgiving, so I need to order Christmas cards and send them out. But I don’t have pictures of the kids yet, or pictures that I […]

When shoes turn into Mittens

It’s not as miraculous as water into wine, but when I ask my children to get ready to go somewhere, I advise them to put their shoes on. Shoes tend to be scattered throughout the house and this task takes the longest to complete. Nine times out of ten, the children return to the entry […]

Need some pants? Here’s my sleeve.

My son is a typical boy. He spends a lot of time crawling on the floor pushing his Matchbox cars around. And the knees of his pants are fine one day and gone the next. I thought I had enough pants for the this winter, but then he grew. Wearing them made him look like […]

Some kind of talent

My daughters have an amazing talent that I’m really hoping they grow out of soon. They have an uncanny ability to trip, land on their face, and need to have teeth pulled. My oldest tripped in the bathroom, slammed into the tub, and eventually lost two. (Now I’m even more freaked out about rough-housing in […]

Underwear? What was I thinking?

One Saturday afternoon, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea that I could sew some underwear for my daughter. She’s four, so they would be small and quick and I had fabric and elastic so why not? Why not indeed. In my deluded thoughts, this would be so much simpler than hopping into the truck driving the […]