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Bridal Shower / Quilting Bee

Last week I mentioned that I had been doing a lot of sewing, but I couldn’t tell you about it yet. Well, now I can! My mom used to sew a lot. She wore out two motors in her sewing machine. She used to make most of my clothes. She made sock animals, pound puppy […]

When Your Mom Doesn’t Remember…

My mom is known for telling the same stories over and over. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard how my grandma threw my aunt in the air and broke her leg, how my brother took a walker down the stairs, or how my three-year-old brother brother got my newborn sister out […]

The End

It’s all gone. I can’t say anything else.

Coming to an End

In the ongoing story of my mother’s farm being sold and her moving, we are coming to the final steps. She is happily ensconced in her name place.  She had a house cleaner. (I’m jealous, but it’s not in my budget.) The state has now taken possession of the property and is tearing the buildings […]

The Last Walk Through

The day we moved my mom to her new house was very organized.  Everyone had a job including my kids.  Their job was to entertain Grandma and keep her from getting anxious while everyone else packed up her things and hauled them to her new house. We took her to the park and she got […]

My mother doesn’t live here

More steps toward the inevitable. Last Saturday, we packed up my mother’s furniture and hauled it to her new house. My brothers and sisters spent the day arranging each piece in her new place, making everything convenient and inviting for her. My husband installed her antique chandelier above her dining room table. My sister-in-law arranged […]

Haunted Sewing Machine, part 2

My husband fixed my sewing machine.  It no longer runs by itself.  Well, I’ve only plugged it in once, but it did no spontaneous sewing during that time. I am itching to start sewing more.  I recently inherited my mom’s filing cabinet full of patterns and after two days of sorting, I have them straightened […]