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When Your Mom Doesn’t Remember…

My mom is known for telling the same stories over and over. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard how my grandma threw my aunt in the air and broke her leg, how my brother took a walker down the stairs, or how my three-year-old brother brother got my newborn sister out […]

It happened again

Two years ago, my daughter tripped in the bathroom and smacked her face on the bathtub. This resulted in a split lip and two teeth shoved up into her gum. The teeth had to be removed because the root was dying and removal would prevent damage to her permanent teeth. She now has a charming […]

It could have been worse

Three weeks ago, we were preparing for our vacation. The kids were all excited about flying down to see Grandpa and Grandma in just two days. It would be the first flight that they would remember. I was frantically figuring out what we needed to pack, what we could buy when we were there, whether […]

Too cute for my husband?

My new sewing machine has been so inspiring. I am thinking of all kinds of things to make and to alter.  All those little things about my clothes where they don’t fit just right? I might finally fix them. All those cute projects in books and magazines and Pinterest I’ve found: I might just make […]

Her Sixth Sense

The Little One has the fabulous talent of being able to sense when I’ve either gotten comfortable in bed or been asleep for five minutes.  At this moment, she will wake up and start crying. Some nights she only needs to be covered up, other nights she needs to go potty (and by this I […]

Potty Training update (Really can there be any more of these?)

Yes, obviously there can. The Little One has started to train herself. This is good and bad news. Good news because she’s excited about it and seems to get it most of the time. Bad news because I am completely burned out on being in my bathroom. And the Little One has to go. A […]

Getting in the car should be faster with one, right?

Once the twins started school, I figured it would be so easy for the Little One and me to run errands, etc. because I would only have one child to buckle in and out of a car seat at each stop and one child to corral and police in each location. What I didn’t count […]