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The Little One’s Clothes

My children have always been very particular about what they wear. At eighteen months, the twins would throw temper tantrums and rip off their clothes if I attempted to wrestle them into something they didn’t like. Sadly, there were many cute outfits that were worn for less than a minute. The Little One has taken […]

Underwear? What was I thinking?

One Saturday afternoon, I had the ‘brilliant’ idea that I could sew some underwear for my daughter. She’s four, so they would be small and quick and I had fabric and elastic so why not? Why not indeed. In my deluded thoughts, this would be so much simpler than hopping into the truck driving the […]

Creating His Own Crime Scene

I didn’t know my dog was into CSI, but when we arrived home Friday morning after running errands, our scaredy-cat Beagle-mix had left three crime scenes for me to clean up. We’d had a thunderstorm which consisted of three instances of thunder and moderately heavy rain. Quite unexciting compared to some of the storms we’ve […]

Tyranny of Socks

I hate socks. Wearing them, washing them, folding them. The whole works. My kids have decided that they don’t like to wear socks either. I insist that they wear them because 1) it’s winter 2) our floors are freezing cold and 3) it’s one less thing they have to round up when we attempt to […]

Folding Socks

As much as I dislike chores that must be repeated frequently such as doing dishes or washing baby bottles, I don’t mind doing laundry.  For some reason, having all the clothes sorted, folded and put away makes me content.  Doing the same with dishes and baby bottles does not.  Maybe it’s the folding aspect of […]