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Guest Blogging at Anne Patrick’s Blog today

I’m sharing a bit of The Warden’s Lantern at Anne Patrick’s blog today ( Come on by and join the fun!

Sweet Saturday Samples – #SweetSat

Another installment from Heartbreak Hill: It wasn’t long before she ushered the couple out, assuring them that there wouldn’t be a problem completing their taxes before the fifteenth. She waved them out the door, clutching the handle as it swung closed. Her shoulders rose and fell as she took a deep breath, then plastered a […]

Sweet Saturday Samples

I missed last week. The week just got away from me. So here’s a little more of Heartbreak Hill: Ryan eased his leg into a more comfortable position. His knee ached in almost every position today. It would be better lying stretched out on the couch in front of the television, but this stiff office […]

Guest at Joanne Troppello’s Blog Party

I’m hanging out with Joanne Troppello at the blog party she is throwing today. Lots of great authors, talking about their characters and giveaways too. Don’t miss it! 

Sweet Saturday Samples

Another installment from Heartbreak Hill: The door bell jangled and Tara looked up hoping for Mark, instead it was the Tenaples, the next scheduled appointment. Mrs. Tenaple clutched a manila folder. Mr. Tenaple looked like he was about to have a colonoscopy. Tara didn’t blame him. Their tax return was one of the most complicated […]

Guest Blogging at Front Seat Romance and at Astraea Press

Today, I am a guest at Front Seat Romance, (, a great place to find out about new sweet romances.  Hope  you can drop by for an excerpt of Hauntings of the Heart. I’m also blogging at the Astraea Press blog about my obsession with weather, especially storms. If I ever get a smart phone, […]

Guest Blogging at The Mustard Seed

Today, I’m guest blogging at Joanne Troppello’s blog, (, about how spring is growing on me. It hasn’t been my favorite season, but I’m starting to like it. Find out why. There’s also a chance to win a copy of Hauntings of the Heart.