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Creating His Own Crime Scene

I didn’t know my dog was into CSI, but when we arrived home Friday morning after running errands, our scaredy-cat Beagle-mix had left three crime scenes for me to clean up. We’d had a thunderstorm which consisted of three instances of thunder and moderately heavy rain. Quite unexciting compared to some of the storms we’ve […]

How my dog helped me figure out the plot–or not

Well, as I do more research, it might not be the case, but I was hoping my geriatric dog was good for more than having me stumble down the stairs in the middle of the night so that he can go outside and bark at his shadow. At our last visit to the vet, I […]

The Great Noodle Mystery

One of the things I can cook reasonably well is macaroni and cheese.  It comes in a box.  There are instructions. It’s pretty hard to screw it up. The mystery is that whenever I pour the water off the noodles and through the strainer I end up with noodles in the sink.  Now I’ve been […]

Leaving the Door Wide Open

This morning I did something really dumb.  I left the back doors wide open.  Not just the screen door that catches on the pavement because the frozen ground heaved. I also left the regular door wide open and the interior door from the entry  way into the kitchen. Granted, I did have help.  As we […]