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Mysteries of the Vaughn Household

* A child can complain they are starving all afternoon, then not eat a bite of supper. * The children can be wrestling like wild dogs when in the house, but once they go outside they will sit quietly in a chair clutching their blankets. * Children that are falling asleep in their macaroni and […]

Creating His Own Crime Scene

I didn’t know my dog was into CSI, but when we arrived home Friday morning after running errands, our scaredy-cat Beagle-mix had left three crime scenes for me to clean up. We’d had a thunderstorm which consisted of three instances of thunder and moderately heavy rain. Quite unexciting compared to some of the storms we’ve […]

How my dog helped me figure out the plot–or not

Well, as I do more research, it might not be the case, but I was hoping my geriatric dog was good for more than having me stumble down the stairs in the middle of the night so that he can go outside and bark at his shadow. At our last visit to the vet, I […]

Are you a Member of the Sisterhood?

My friend, Tess Grant, and I recently realized we have a sisterhood.  We would prefer that it was the “Sisterhood of the Bestselling Novel.” Instead we are members of the “Sisterhood of the Bum.” This is a much larger group.  Anyone with children in diapers or potty training, or new puppies or aging household pets […]

Jaden’s attempt at exercise

During one of our recent thunderstorms, I was running on the treadmill.  I briefly contemplated what I should do should the power go out.  I supposed I would catch myself on the bar and it wouldn’t be too disastrous. I set up my laptop to watch Bones – my treat for running – and plugged my […]

Bailey ate it!

Dogs generally have some pretty gross habits.  Like licking themselves and snacking on things they shouldn’t. Our beagles are no exception to this. My son greeted me this morning as I got out of the shower, exclaiming “Bailey ate my poop!” I wasn’t sure what he meant, but assumed the message was garbled as only […]

Beagle Puppies

In all the puppy care and selecting a puppy books, there is one piece of advice they always leave out. Don’t go and look at puppies unless you plan to bring one home. This should be emblazoned on every other page of any book about Beagles. Our first Beagle was high energy and needy.  He […]