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Christmas Treats with Wendy May Andrews

This recipe is a sentimental favorite. My best friend from high school, who was also my first roommate when we moved out together when we were 19, was an amazing cook and baker. Peanut Butter cookies are my favorite so she left me the recipe (along with other favorites) when she moved out to marry […]

Christmas Treats with Karin Beery

Cathedral Windows – A Husband’s Favorite by Karin Beery When it comes to Christmas, my husband is a giant eight year-old. He goes nuts for lights, decorations, and, of course, the cookies. Like any good eight year-old, the more sugar the better. That’s why his favorite Christmas “cookie” is basically chocolate covered sugar – the […]

Christmas Treats with Elizabeth Wehman

I had the pleasure of meeting Elizabeth at the Trail of Michigan Authors event at the Muskegon Barnes and Noble. Recipe: Grandma’s Sugar Cookies 1 cup shortening 2 cups sugar 3 beaten eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup sour cream Beat together until smooth. Combine together and then slowly add: 5 cups sifted flour 3 […]

Fuel Your Creativity with Mary Cope

Please welcome Mary Cope to this installment of Fuel Your Creativity. My “other” passion. I have always been a fan of baking. One of my fondest memories was watching my mother bake homemade bread. I remember as a five-year-old, standing on a chair, wide eyed and ready to help. I’m sure I drove my mom […]

Join us! We have cookies(?)!

I don’t volunteer to bring food for things if I can help it. Most of my cooking and baking ends up suspect. However, my friends (WS Gager, JQ Rose, and Kelly Tinkham) and I are doing an author talk tonight and we all volunteered to bring cookies or bars. I have a fairly fool-proof recipe […]

Fuel Your Creativity with Tanya Eavenson

Today, our creativity comes from baking, a place where I have no creativity whatsoever. Tanya’s recipes look easy enough that even I could attempt them. 🙂 Being Creative Is Easy When Cooking With Kids and Canned Biscuits! An almost Perfect Mix! When Joselyn asked me to write a post about being creative, I couldn’t think […]

Fuel Your Creativity with Kristen VayDen

This blog series has been so much fun. I love seeing what other tricks you all have up your sleeves. Today, Kristen VayDen is sharing about soapmaking, cooking gluten-free, and voice lessons. Joselyn asked me to write about something creative I do, other than writing. When I think about being creative, I think scrapbooking, arts […]