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The Little One’s Clothes

My children have always been very particular about what they wear. At eighteen months, the twins would throw temper tantrums and rip off their clothes if I attempted to wrestle them into something they didn’t like. Sadly, there were many cute outfits that were worn for less than a minute. The Little One has taken […]

The Neverending PJs are done!

These pajamas have gone through so many iterations. They started out as a nightgown, then became a camisole and shorts. They are finally done. The problem with the picture above is that the top under the lace was too tight. It fit, but it was too uncomfortable to sleep in. I took the ruffle off […]

That didn’t wash out.

My son is at the age where he wears the knees out of his pants before he outgrows them. I’ve chopped the legs off and made shorts. I’ve ironed patches on the knees and I’ve made monster jeans. When the Little One wore a hole in her pants, I made a patch and reversed appliqued […]

Minnesota Sundress

My mother-in-law gave my husband this t-shirt. She is amazing at finding good deals and this is a great shirt. Unfortunately, this shirt is a 3X.  My husband is a big guy and wears an XLT in most cases, but this shirt was even too big for him. He threw it in the Goodwill pile […]

Hacked-up Sweatshirt

(Oops. Almost had a problem with the R key on my computer in the title. That would send this post in a totally different direction.) Next project: Convert this sweatshirt into something non-boring. It’s oddly-shaped. It’s a weird blue-white. It probably could be better. Will whatever I do to it, make that happen. Don’t you […]

The Moulin Rouge dress from a men’s shirt

I purchased this shirt from Good will with the sole purpose of making it into something else, preferably a cute dress. It was a ordinary men’s button-down shirt. I did actually remember to take a picture before I started cutting, but my computer ate it when it crashed a couple weeks ago. I found a […]

Fancy Schmancy Cardigan

I’m always freezing. It’s seventy out today and I’m wearing a hoodie. (This could be due to the wonderful stuffy nose I woke up with this morning too. blech.) So I like to have a lot of cardigans in my closet. Lately I haven’t been able to find any that I like. They’re too small, […]

Another Haunting???

Last year, I thought my regular sewing machine was haunted. The machine would start up and run by itself. After I figured out that it was a faulty extension cord and did not require an exorcism, I felt much better.  (Except for the fact that the machine was ruined.) So lately I’ve been using my […]

The Little One’s a Girly-girl

Generally, I’m pretty low maintenance. Getting all gussied up involves blow drying my hair (with the intent that it is dry, not to straighten it or style it) and putting on lip balm. A really fancy date includes shimmery lip gloss and a swipe or two of mascara. So I’m not sure what I’m going to […]

What Not To Wear

This weekend I felt like I was on What Not To Wear – you know the show where Stacy and Clinton throw away someone’s entire wardrobe and start over hopefully with more flattering results. I’ve been sorting through my wardrobe over the last year, trying to weed out the clothing I no longer wear and […]