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Mother of the Bride Dress

No, not for me. That honor better be at least twenty years away. My niece is getting married this summer and I agreed to make my sister’s dress. It’s been at least ten years since I attempted to sew any type of formal gown, but I was up for the challenge. I figured if I […]

Dye it or toss it?

My girls are quite talented at spilling chocolate or grinding mudĀ into their newest and/or cutest clothes. (One of their favorite activities is digging for worms in our raised garden beds. I’m pretty sure that joy did not come from my half of the DNA.) New, light-colored shirts seem to be extra special magnets for these […]

Infinity Scarves and Giveaway

My sister has been creating all kinds of cool scarves out of scraps that’s she’s trimmed off pants or snipped off skirts. They are awesome. And they got me thinking. A couple scarves would be pretty simple to do and I have some fabulous fabric. This one I got from my sister. She says it […]

Asymmetrical Cardigan in Pink!

I’ve had this sweater hovering in my closet for quite some time. It’s a pretty simple crew-neck, with a cable pattern in a pink wool. I know, pink wool, what’s not to love? Well, the shape for one. Despite being a fine-gauge knit, the sweater was rather boxy. And the crew-neck, much too high to […]

Bridal Shower / Quilting Bee

Last week I mentioned that I had been doing a lot of sewing, but I couldn’t tell you about it yet. Well, now I can! My mom used to sew a lot. She wore out two motors in her sewing machine. She used to make most of my clothes. She made sock animals, pound puppy […]

Shirt and Pants Bag

The last couple weeks have been crazy. My sister and I have been putting together a bridal shower for my niece. It’s going to be so cool. I will post pictures and such after. I want it to be a surprise. In the mean time, my husband tore the sleeve of one of his work […]

It’s not going to rot, but still…

August flew by. I’m not sure what happened to it. Now here it is September. The kids are in school. Yes, ALL the kids! For two brief mornings, I will be home all alone. Well, not alone, the kids were concerned about this, but then they remembered that God is always with us. So I […]

Button Bracelets

When my mom made my clothes, she would assign me the task of finding enough matching buttons for the project in her button box. I’d rake my fingers through the shoe box-sized containers full of buttons that had been salvaged from worn out garments. Sometimes I found enough for what I wanted and sometimes I […]

Presto PJs!

For some reason I decided my children needed more summer pajamas, probably because the Little One chose to wear footie-pajamas yesterday even though it was 85 degrees. (She did have other options, but we’ve discussed her clothing preferences before.) I purchased some sheets at a thrift store that I thought would be really cute for […]

More Patchy Knees

Every morning my son complains that he doesn’t have any pants to wear. There are at least four pair in his drawer, but he refuses to wear them. One pair I’ve said is exclusively for grubby things. One pair is really nice and should be for church. (Not that he wears them for church. He […]