Thanksgiving Palooza

Thanksgiving Week Deals!


InforaPound_500Amazon Giveaway for In for a Pound




Seeing You Again book coverEnter to win Seeing You Again along with a basket of other books and a $50 Amazon gift card in the Thanksgivingpalooza!

Authors included:

Patricia Kiyono, T.J. Loveless, Marianne Sciucco, Aileen Harkwood, Rachel Hanna, Mariah Stone, Cherry Christensen, Rose Pearson, E.M. Shue, Ellie St. Clair, Nikki Bloom, Joselyn Vaughn, Jennifer Griffith, Molly Jabber, and Zina Abbott


Free Days! Starting November 23.


Free starting November 25!

Swing into the holidays with these great deals! Merry Christmas!



  1. Sucker for a Hot Rod is one of my favorite stories by Joselyn. I shared this post.
    JQ Rose


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