I said I wasn’t doing it again.

My Bayshore Marathon recap

Four Foxes, One Hound

After running two pretty disappointing marathons, I convinced myself I wouldn’t do another one. They weren’t going well, so maybe the distance just wasn’t for me.
Until eight weeks ago, when scheduling conflicts prevented me from doing the 25k race I was training for. Being in two places at once would be tricky, three would be nearly impossible.
So as I searched for a new goal race, a post popped up on Facebook that the Bayshore Marathon still had openings. This was the race that had me in tears at mile 10 last year. It’s date was the only open Saturday I had.
I mulled the opportunity for a few hours, evaluated my current training, sought the wisdom of fellow runners, and signed up… with the stipulation to myself that I would not set a time goal. I would run just to do the distance and have a race on…

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