Friday Fun with Wendy May Andrews

Friday Fun

10 Random Questions with Wendy May Andrews

Oh Joseyn! This is hard! So many of them I want to say either both or neither! But I will answer with explanations J


  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? This one is definitely both, but at different times. In the middle of the winter I definitely need an escape to a tropical island. I live in Canada and our winters can get a little rough sometimes. But we also have great cottage country in Canada so spring, summer, or fall, a cabin in the woods would be lovely.


  1. Coffee or tea? Unfortunately, I have an ulcer so I have had to quit coffee. It has been three years already but I still miss it!! So for this one, I’ll say tea, although I have found a great chicory drink that mimics coffee sufficiently for me that that is my morning drink of choice now that I am over the caffeine withdrawals.


  1. Superman or Batman? For this one I’ll say neither. Super heros aren’t really my thing. But if forced to choose I would say Batman, at least the movie version. I like the fact that he’s a regular human that is making an effort to fight the bad guys, but he’s flawed and has his own issues to fight against.


  1. Cook dinner or wash dishes? Neither? Ha ha! If only I could get away with that. In my house it’s really both for me… but I would much rather cook than clean. And I have a dishwasher so it’s not really all that bad. How about if we order take out? 🙂


  1. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time? I actually don’t watch very much tv so I haven’t seen either of these. But I don’t care for the thought of the undead so I will take Once Upon a Time. As a writer of romance, I do love a good fairy tale…


  1. Snow day or spring break? This is a tough one!! I want to say both again! But I love the surprise of a snow day. It’s like a free day when you can curl up with a hot chocolate and a good book and wait for the snow to stop. My idea of a perfect day 🙂 And spring break, while fun, conjures images of noise and crowds for me, so I’ll veer away from that one…


  1. Handwriting or typing? Definitely typing. My typing is much more legible than my handwriting… I wasn’t one of those girls that practiced their handwriting in high school and still have beautiful writing to this day. Mine is mostly legible, but that’s the best that can be said for it…


  1. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? Definitely ten minutes early. Being late gives me hives.


  1. Dogs or cats? Dogs!! I love all animals and have met some nice cats, but not to be judgemental, but as a whole, I find cats to be standoffish and cold whereas I have never met a dog I didn’t like.


  1. Five star resort or tent? Both again! I would love to alternate between the two. I can’t say that I LOVE staying in a tent, but any food eaten outdoors tastes amazing, and I love the fire at night. Also, I live in a city so the light pollution blocks out the stars. One of the best things about camping is seeing all the stars at night. But there’s also nothing not to love about a five star resort except maybe the price tag…

The Debutante Bride Book CoverThe Debutante Bride

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First comes marriage, then comes love.


Miss Elizabeth Dunseith, Beth to her friends, grew up in genteel poverty, happy despite her abusive father and weak mother. When her father sells her to the highest bidder in order to pay off his gambling debts, she fears what her future will hold but is relieved to get away from home with her new, handsome husband.

Lord Justin Fulton, Earl of Westfield, is confused by the contradictory behavior of his purchased bride. One moment she is haughty and cool, the next she is warm and endearing. When his sister refuses to help establish his new bride in Society, Justin turns to a friend’s wife to show Beth the best way to navigate the politics of the ton.

Their growing attraction just seems to confuse matters even further. Will these two be able to see past their differences to make it to happily ever after?

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