Friday Fun with Sandy Bruney

Friday Fun…

10 random Questions with…Sandy Bruney

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods?  I’ve done cabin in the woods, although “cabin” is a misnomer for the house we rented in Tennessee. (The waterline in our first cabin broke, so we got upgraded to a very luxurious place.) Having done that, I’ll opt for the tropical island, if it includes one of those drinks with the umbrella.
  1. Coffee or tea? Uh, both? Coffee in the morning, iced tea in the afternoon, and chai latte in the evening.
  2. Superman or Batman? Neither. Can I choose Sean Connery as 007?
  3. Cook dinner or wash dishes? Dishes, please. My late husband did all the cooking for the last 10 years, so I’m out of practice. But I have a dishwasher.
  4. Walking Dead or Once a Upon a Time? I’m not into zombies, but I do like fairy tales. I started watching Once Upon a Time, and can’t remember why I stopped as I liked it. Hmm. Maybe I should start watching again.
  5. Snow day or spring break? Snow day. It’s a great excuse to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book. Unfortunately, they don’t come along very often in North Carolina.
  6. Handwriting or typing? Typing. I blessed the day word processors came out and embraced computers with a fervor known only to zealots. My handwriting is terrible, I can’t decipher my notes ten minutes after I write them.
  7. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? Ten minutes early. I’d rather wait than have people wait for me, or interrupt a meeting. It’s just rude.
  8. Dogs or cats? I like dogs, but they are too high-maintenance, so I get my fill by volunteering at the animal shelter. I have always had a cat; I now have two rescue cats, Spooky and Jack.
  9. Five star resort or tent? See question #1. I’ve done tent, with three active boys. And rain. Lots of rain. I think I deserve a five star resort as a reward for surviving.


AQuestionofBoundaries1400X2100A Question of Boundaries by Sandy Bruney

Published by CleanReads

Blurb: By 1895, the United States is in the 80th year of the isolation imposed by King Thomas I and upheld by his successors. But, some are chafing under the shortages and restrictions, and when inventor Dr. Featherstone declares he has found a way to override all borders, there are those who applaud the discovery and those who fear it.

When Dr. Featherstone fails to return home for an important scientific gathering, his daughter Caroline enlists the help of the Member of Parliament from Charlotte, Nathan Llewellen. As the two search for the kidnappers, Caroline is plunged into a world where travel to other realities is possible in the blink of an eye, and people can assume the forms of fearsome as well as familiar animals…and where love comes at the most unexpected times and places.

Nathan’s peculiar gift might cost Caroline her life, but she has already lost her heart.

Buy link:


  1. Sandra, I popped over to amazon to check out your book. Sounds interesting. I’ll be putting this one on my TBR pile.

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  2. Thanks Catherine. I hope you enjoy it.


  3. Thank you, Joselyn, for the fun interivew


  4. Interview. I meant interview (hangs head in shame)


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