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I’m jumping forward a bit because the picture fit so well.


“This would be a good place to look for the Karner Blue,” Jaiden said, unclasping the top of her bag and extracting her camera.

“What should I look for?” Marshall asked.

“Blue wings around an inch to two inches long. Larva and caterpillars might be on the wild lupine.” Jaiden touched a grass-like spike with purple flowers dotting the stalk. She checked all around it, but given the look on her face, Marshall assumed she didn’t see anything.

“Why is it so important to find these butterflies?” Marshall tweeked an oak branch to check the leaves. No spots of blue. He moved to the next tree.

“They’ve never been documented this far north. It would be a rare find.”

“Have you seen one in person?”

“Only once. A man brought a bunch of Michigan butterflies to a presentation at the library. He had one mounted. He said he found it dead.” Jaiden sighed. “That was before it was added to the rare species list. The Karner Blue is very rare, even where it is most likely to be. The bottom side of its wings are gray, so if the wings are closed it doesn’t stand out very much.”

“Now you tell me. But the wings are blue on the other side?”

“Did you see something?”

“No, just checking.” Marshall turned over a leaf of a wild lupine. There was a tiny greenish speck on the bottom.

“Well, this might be something.”

Jaiden hurried over to his side. She smelled of green and earth and had a dried leaf stuck in her ponytail. She grasped the leaf between her fingers gently so as not to tear from the plant. After extracting a magnifying glass from her bag, she studied the tiny dot. “I think it’s an egg. There might be more on this plant.” Jaiden ruffled through the leaves, finding a handful of eggs.


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  1. What a lovely snippet!

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  2. Tricia Andersen · ·

    The colors and descriptions are wonderful. I hope they find something!


  3. How exciting! I wish we had more than 300 words for picture prompts. Great snippet that fits in perfectly with this picture.


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