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Marshall turned toward Jaiden. “I can’t believe it was stolen.” His eyes were wide and his face frozen in shock. He was processing something, putting pieces together in his head, but she felt like she only had five pieces of thousand piece puzzle.

“What was stolen?” She came closer, touching his hand, hoping to bring his attention back to the present.

“The cast.” Marshall checked the safe again as if the object had simply been overlooked. He went back to the bookshelf and put his hand on the obviously blank space. “I bet they used to hit Hilde.” He pushed his hands through his hair, fluffing the waves. “I hope they didn’t damage it.”

A cast, at least, sounded less ominous than a kilo of coke. Jaiden relaxed. The white powder must be chips from the plaster, and Marshall was devastated that his priceless artwork had been damaged. Although his reaction was more akin to losing his mother’s pearls than a priceless piece of artwork. She moved closer, now that proximity seemed safer. Marshall was still stunned.

“The cast can’t be what they were looking for.”

The whole situation was confusing and awkward. What should she do? Marshall probably needed to report the missing object and meet with his security team. “What was the cast and why would someone steal it?”

“I don’t know.” Marshall rubbed his forehead. He picked up the rest of the safe’s contents and loaded them back into the box. “Especially when they bypassed all this stuff that is much more valuable.”

“The cast wasn’t valuable?” She still didn’t know what the cast was of. Marshall seemed too disoriented to process questions logically. Her imagination leapt from one idea to another. None of them required the security of a safe.

“It was special to me, but cash value…” Marshall shrugged. “Fifty or sixty bucks. Not worth breaking and entering, especially when there’s ten grand three feet away. Certainly not worth giving Hilde a concussion for.”

Jaiden bit off the gasp that whooshed from her throat. Ten grand? She didn’t even have that kind of money in her bank account, let alone under her mattress or in a super secret wall safe. “You have me befuddled. I can’t imagine what the cast is of.”

“After all this, you are really going to think I’m crazy. I had hoped with your scientific background and your understanding of cryptozoology this would make sense, especially once I showed you the physical evidence.”

Undiscovered creatures? Her butterfly? Who would make a cast of a butterfly? There were much easier and more useful ways to preserve the winged insects. Plaster would damage the delicate structure rather than preserve it. “And we’re talking about a cast of…”

Marshall sighed and his shoulders sagged. “I promise I’m not a nut job, but it’s Bigfoot.”

“Bigfoot?” Jaiden’s thoughts darted to the reports in the folders at work and the strange animal she’d seen after meeting Marshall on the trail. “Nine foot tall, large, hairy, gorilla-like animal often sighted in dense foliage with blurry photography? That Bigfoot?”

“I have my share of blurry photography, a few inconclusive videos, but this cast was really good. A well-defined footprint. Clearly five-toed and much wider and longer than my size thirteens.”

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  1. Kind of spooky! He found a Bigfoot footprint. Cool and scary at the same time. Looking forward to hearing more about this creature and to see what happens between these two. Love this story!

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  2. Wow. Big Foot? Interesting. Looking forward to more.

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  3. Tricia Andersen · ·

    Oh boy, what happened to the cast? I can’t wait to find out! Great excerpt!


  4. I’m wondering what happened to the cast as well. Great snippet!


  5. man, I was so confused until that last paragraph and then it was all clear…. sort of. LOL Great job!


  6. I loved the interaction between the two. You showed the confusion and befuddlement very well. I can’t wait to read more.


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