Friday Fun with Karin Beery

Friday Fun…

10 Random Questions with Karin Beery

  1. Tropical Island or Cabin in the Woods? Tropical island. I live near so many cabins in the woods that it’s not anything special to me. A tropical island, however, would be new, beautiful, and –best of all – surrounded by water!
  2. Coffee or tea? Coffee. I’ve tried to get into tea, but I can’t do it. It all tastes like wet paper to me.
  3. Superman or Batman? Superman! Dude can fly. No contest.
  4. Cook dinner or wash dishes? Cook dinner. I’ve been washing dishes since before I was tall enough to reach the sink (my mom has a picture of me standing on a chair to wash dishes). I’m ready to pass the torch.
  5. Walking Dead or Once Upon a Time? Normally I’d say Once Upon a Time, but this season has been terrible! I’m so frustrated with the writers. I’ve never seen the Walking Dead, so let’s split the difference and say Grimm.
  6. Snow day or spring break? Spring break! Snow is pretty, but getting outside without snow boots is better.
  7. Handwriting or typing? Eeek. I don’t … I can’t … can I say handwriting for the first draft and typing after that?
  8. Ten minutes early or twenty minutes late? Early, no questions. Anything else is rude (unless you have small children – people with small children receive 15-30 minute grace periods).
  9. Dogs or cats? Are you trying to rip my heart apart? I guess dogs, but only because so many people are allergic to cats that they make it hard to have guests come over (but cats are so easy).
  10. Five star resort or tent? Five star resort. If you want a tent in your room, they could probably get you one.

karin beeryOwner of Write Now Editing and Copywriting Services, a wife, and novelist, Karin Beery has had hundreds of articles published in various periodicals, in addition to writing her novels. She is an active member of American Christian Fiction Writers, the American Christian Writers Association, and Christian Proofreaders and Editors Network. She is represented by literary agent Steve Hutson at Word Wise Media. You can connect with her on Facebook, Twitter, or at her website,

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